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All-Weather Profits?

The Weekend Bulletin (Sat 28th Dec)

The final weekend of 2019 closes off what has been a particularly tricky year on the punting front, especially if horse racing has been your choice of flutter.

The year has had its fair share of wet underfoot conditions track side and who would have thought that a very popular blog (Geegeez) would be researching heavy ground angles during the middle of June!

Of course R&D is part and parcel of the DNA here at the Betting Insiders Club and we are always looking to uncover new angles and strategies as part of the comprehensive package available to Members. This starts with the weekly Members Reports and continues on to the Club forum/community where live trials are carried out in real time to access the potential profits etc.

Talking of the Members Reports the final one for 2019 is out now and Issue 216 includes a thorough look see by Dave Renham into how we can potentially profit from last time out winners on the All-Weather. For example did you know that you would have made an 11.5% profit to SP just backing LTO winners in Claimers and Sellers on the artificial surfaces?

It may be a small group set but along with a number of other angles Dave found during his research they lend themselves to a useful addition to a portfolio approach.

If you have found 2019 tough going, excuse the pun, why not make a positive change for the new campaign by checking out the comprehensive package on offer at the Betting Insiders Club –

All that remains is to wish you all a Happy New year and we will be back next week refreshed and raring to get stuck into what 2020 has in store for us!

Darren & Steve

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