Assured Soccer Profits System

This method has recently been launched on the basis that it would be suitable for sensible people who want to make small but consistent profits from trading on football matches.

The ASP System has been made available by the collaboration of the originating author Geoff Parle and an individual that may well be familiar to many of you that have either read about or in fact have purchased football trading methods in the past. The person in question is John Duncan who developed what proved to be one of the most successful football trading systems to be sold online.

It was so successful that it was soon copied and marketed under different names around the globe and even today tweaked versions are available in the market place. With that heritage the indications are that the ASP System should be another sure fire winner, but is that really the case?

The ASP System comes in the form of a well written and easy to follow 93 page e-book and costs £89, although there is a time limited 12% discount currently on offer. For this you receive a downloadable copy of the method detail, access to tutorial videos and 16 months of actual results, and also a 30 day money back guarantee for peace of mind.

Having reviewed the methodology we can confirm that it is simple to follow and the suggested level of staking can be operated with a relatively small bank of around £200-300. You will need an internet connection and also a betting exchange account, in this instance Betfair is the recommended choice due to greater liquidity on the markets that you will be trading in.

The specific games to be traded are selected by following a number of straightforward filters that are clearly explained in the method. The method can be used all year round, even in the summer months, and is especially fruitful at weekends when so many of the games are available to bet in-play.

We intend to trial the method in the coming weeks but on the evidence of what we have seen so far it would appear to have all of the attributes that are needed to deliver on the small but consistent profits that are claimed and as such Assured Soccer Profits System gets a thumbs up from us.


The Testing Team
Betting Insiders Club.

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