Auto Tipster

Product Name: Auto Tipster
Supplier/Author: IE Software
Price: £30 Monthly
Category: Automated Betting Software

Product Overview

Auto Tipster is automated software that allows you to follow tipsters easily. The software will load your tipster’s tips and place them on Betfair for you without you having to do anything besides turn it on.


The one thing to remember about this software is that it will place any bet at any time, be it horse racing or greyhounds, as long as it is programmed in to the Auto Tipster.

This really is the perfect solution for 9.00 – 5.00er’s (hard working people) who don’t have the time or facilities to bet during the day.

All you do is simply click the tipsters you wish to follow and Auto Tipster downloads the tipsters bets when there are delivered by the tipster.

At £1.00 a day it works out really good value for money.

Detailed Findings

You can follow tipsters in many different ways with the software including betting to level stakes, betting to a percentage of your betting bank and bet to liability. You can even set your own options to filter out bets with runner ranges, odds ranges and stop the bets going on when you have reached a profit or loss that you set.

What useful stuff is on it?

• You can stop when you are up or down in money or points overall or for each tipster individually.
• It tracks the outcome of your bets and displays the event winner(s) at the end of the event.
• All your betting activity is logged and provided in a list and a graph which is exportable for use in excel for your analysis.
• You can open more than 1 Auto Tipster within the same console for as many Betfair accounts as you have.

Run your Own Service

If you have a talent for betting / tipping and you want to run a tipster service of your own just give them a call and they can set the whole thing up for you, they even take care of the web site build for you.


I have been running 3 different tipsters on the same platform for the past couple of weeks and had some pleasant surprises, two of them haven’t gone live yet so I am using their trial service.

The first one, and the one that I initially got the software for, is Sectional Timing from Greyhound as they have so many selections coming from their own software that it would take all day to load them into any ‘Bot’ and when they told me that they now use Auto Tipster it sounded perfect for me.

You can now get both the Sectional Timing selections and the Auto Tipster software as one package from their website.

As mentioned above the other two are free trials of unknown tipsters, who I imagine are setting out on the long hard road of attempting to build a business.

Both were sent to me by the producers of the software.

Simplex Lays is what it says, a laying service for horses running in the UK. (I used the maximum price of 7.00 for all my lay bets).

The other freebie trial was from another unknown tipster called Buck The Odds but their service is for backing horses, which makes a nice change.

Now both the free services are showing fantastic past results but I can’t verify or deny them and only go on what I tested myself.

For the purpose of this review the results are not relevant as it was the software being tested out but I’ve had a pleasant time with all the services in profit.


The Auto Tipster Software is a simple but very effective piece of equipment that really is user friendly and you can bet any stake you wish, even under the regulatory £2.00 minimum.

Stop loss, take profit, back or lay percentage of bank, lay to liability, they are all on the software so you have total control over your bank.

I don’t say this often but, if can get your choice of tipster to download their selections on this software, I highly recommend this Auto Tipster, and their after sales service is excellent.

Nick Johnson

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