Bet Scientist Review

Below are the reports from the Testing Team’s trial of Bet Scientist.

10th September 2013
This is another new one from the Betfan stable and after favourable trial results they rather surprisingly offered a wider trial opportunity and suggested paper trading. I received the first advice on the 14th Aug and after 9 days during which time there were 12 bets advised with no winners they were showing a 16 point loss. However since then they have had 6 winners from 8 further advices and reached a profit of 10.20 points to advised prices or 4.32 points based on the industry SP. I will report again next month.

10th October 2013
Not much to add I’m afraid from last month. They only proofed 4 more selections before going live, which resulted in 2 short priced winners and 2 short priced losers and the profit virtually unaltered. I do not know how they have fared since.

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