Arsenal win in Germany

Arsenal won their match in Hamburg,Germany with the final score being 2-1. The German goalkeeper was given a red card after bringing Robin van Persie down in the box. The subsequent penalty was taken by Gilberto and he sent the substitute goalie the wrong way. The second Arsenal goal was scored by Tomas Rosicky with a 30yard shot into the top corner of the net, out of reach of Steffan Wachter, substitute goalkeeper.Hamburg were able to pull one goal back through Sanogo which ended Lehmanns clean sheet of European football.Arsene Wenger,Arsenal Manager said after the match that the German team had never given up and fought very well.

Henry Not On Team List

Thierry Henry is likely to have to miss the Arsenal team trip to Hamburg as part of the Champions League,as he has suffered a reaction to a recent foot injury. The striker received the injury earlier this year, while on duty for his country against Italy but carried on playing recently at Middlesborough even though he was in pain. Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger is hoping that Henry will be well enough to play on Saturday when the team will face Manchester United in the Barclays Premiership.

Winning Run

Manchester United continued their successful winning session at the beginning of this season, and they are now the only team to keep their complete winning record.The final score today against Tottenham Hotspur was 1-0 with Barclays Player of the Month for August,Ryan Giggs being the scorer for Man Utd.It so easily could have been two goals for Giggs as he crossed the ball just in front of the Spurs goalie,and out of reach. The Managers of the teams ,Martin Jol and Sir Alex Ferguson, spent some time in heated discussions on the touchline during the match. At times the Spurs team were dominant during many periods of the match and may leave for home feeling rather hard done by.

Barclays Awards

A 100% successful start to the new season has given the Manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs the Barclays Awards for Manager of the Month for August and Player of the Month. Manchester United have played against Fulham, Charlton and Watford and scored a total of 10 goals giving them a solid start to the new season.Ryan Giggs has never before received this award despite having played well over 500 matches. The awards are seen as a reward to the teams attacking game and show that the sponsors, Barclays Award Panel, feel that they are a serious contender for a leading role throughout the seasonand that they pose a serious challenge to the other teams.

Dutching Correct Scores

One of my favourite, easy, football strategies is to dutch together multiple correct scores to make one bet that wins more often than not. Below I have excerpted some interesting info from the Betting School private members report on correct score betting.

If you check out the football correct score markets on Betfair, or at the bookies, you will see that the bets available range from 0 – 0 to 3 – 3 and all scores in between with the final option being “any other score”.

The result of any match has to be one of those scores or the any other, so the market makes up to somewhere between 100% if very fair up to about 108%.

If you have done your research you can probably rule out some of those score lines and dutch together the remaining scores for a bet that is very likely to win.

In fact if you just blindly back the following scores and spread your stakes so you achieve the same return for any of these scores you will win most of the games that you play in.

0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 2-1, 1- 2, 1-1, 2-0

Backing all of the above will give about £40 profit for every £100 staked, assuming of course that you win.

Add a bit of research and you can narrow the list down or be more certain of the outcome. The best way to do this is to decide if the match is likely to be a high scoring game or a low scoring game and act accordingly.

As well as looking at the past performance of the teams in question also compile data on the overall trends for the league in question to guide you as to what the most likley outcome will be.

As an example in 05/06 of the 380 games played in the Premiership only 32 finished as 0 – 0 and only 37 finished with one team scoring more than three goals.

To get you started I have pasted below the percentage that each score occurred in the 05/06 Premiership season.

0-0 8.4 %
0-1 7.4 %
0-2 6.1 %
0-3 1.8 %
1-0 14.2 %
1-1 8.4 %
1-2 6.8 %
1-3 2.9 %
2-0 10.5 %
2-1 7.9 %
2-2 2.9 %
2-3 1.8 %
3-0 3.9 %
3-1 4.2 %
3-2 2.4 %
3-3 0.5 %
Any Other 9.7 %

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