Market Information Technique

There are two parts to the MIT videos and you can play each below.

For best viewing click the four way arrows to the bottom right of the video and view in full screen and also select High Definition once the video starts.

Please leave a comment below the video to let us know what you think of it and also if you have suggestions regarding the method.

You can download the pdf version of this method (includes different example races) hereMarket Information PDF

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The Value Bot Horseracing System By Marc Chawner

This month we will be looking at another automated betting system which can be downloaded from the Betting School member’s website.


The system is in the form of a spreadsheet which can be used with the Betting Assistant platform that can be downloaded from
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Horse Racing – In-Running Automated Tactics By Marc Chawner

Over the next few months I will be discussing various tactics that can be deployed for in-running traders. When people read about in-running trading they naturally assume that fast pictures e.g. SIS are required, but the good thing about these tactics is that NO fast pictures are required and that the trades are placed ahead of the starting time of the race.
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Is there a Bias

There are two things I want to talk about today the first is a free trial of the Pro Ratings top rated selections.

Michael Wilding, (another of our expert contributors at the Betting School Insiders Club) has decided to give away the top rated file from his Pro Ratings every Saturday.

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The second thing to mention is that our analysis of the Goodwood draw bias should pay dividends today, so if you are still analysing the Goodwood card it is worth re reading this report.

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