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We are very proud of the expert team of writers that we have brought together at the Betting School to contribute to the Betting School Insiders Report.

One of our key contributors is Jonathon Burgess.

Jon is a Betfair accredited trainer and the author of False Favourites and the Race Specialist.

Both of these best selling publications give the reader an education in laying horses to lose and are a welcome change to the majority of poorly thought out betting products on the market.

Jonathon shares his experience and expertise with Betting School Insiders Club members every month.

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Understanding the Basics of speed rating

Understanding the Basics of Speed Ratings

Speed ratings can be obtained from the Racing Post, as well as being sold by many different companies. Some people live by speed ratings, whilst some like to use them in conjunction with other methods. However, most people who are successful at betting will acknowledge that speed ratings are definitely something that should be used in one way or another.

Very simply a speed rating assesses how fast a horse has run a race in comparison with the other horses. If only it were indeed this simple! Unfortunately, it is not, because every race is raced under different conditions which means that if you were just to calculate a speed figure for each race, then you wouldn’t be able to compare speed figures from different races as these would be for different distances, on different ground, under different conditions etc….

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FTSE Wealth Builder

FTSE Wealth Builder

Product Name: FTSE Wealth Builder
Supplier/Author: Neil Leitch
Price: £247.00
Category: Financial Spread Betting

Product Overview

This is a system for day trading the FTSE Index using spread bets. Its advertisement claims it makes an average of £62 – £458 tax-free profit a day using £20 a point.


The instructions on how to operate the system can be downloaded shortly after its purchase online and this is followed by a manual and CD through the post.

You have 30 days in which to try the system or return it for a full refund. If you do return it understandably the downloaded version is deactivated. The system is relatively simple and the instructions are well presented so someone new to financial trading should have no difficulty in getting started.

If there is any problem then most will have been covered by the constantly updated FAQ and Neil Leitch operates an efficient and friendly email back-up service.

In addition to this Neil emails a detailed account of the day’s trades each evening, not only describing his own action but all the “No Trades” which might have been taken if the instructions had not been exactly followed. This is a great teaching aid and if the new user starts to practice using a demonstration account then confidence can be gained without risking real money.

Unfortunately the expected profit was not achieved during the 27 days of testing with the system but it did make some money.

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Financial Trading Made Easy

Financial Trading Made Easy

With the financial sector in the news for the past few months and all our investments and pensions heading south, the country is now officially in recession.

It is no wonder that the BBC seem to be screening lots of programmes based on the activities in the City. I am fascinated by the actions of traders, hedge fund managers etc. and their dealings. It is something I wish I had taken an interest in years ago. One program is showing how a hedge fund manager is going to turn some complete rookies into his own personal hedge fund managers is fascinating!!

Is it possible for people who have never traded before to learn how to trade the markets and make good profits?

Well of course the above group of people are using brokers to buy and sell shares. With the advent of spread betting companies it is possible to buy into a market without actually owning anything. You simply bet on a particular market going up or down. If you think that shares in a particular company are going to go down then you can back these shares to go down with a spread betting company and for every point they move down you make one point profit if they go in the opposite direction you lose the amount the market moves against you. What is appealing about spread betting is that the market is going to move up or down so a total novice has a 50-50 chance of getting it right.

Let’s try to improve these odds by applying some simple technical analysis.

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Cheltenham ante-post bets 2009 By Ricky Taylor

Cheltenham ante-post bets 2009 By Ricky Taylor

The Cheltenham festival is getting closer and I’m very much focussed on stealing some value out of the ante-post markets.

The strategy is not necessarily to identify the winner of the big races but to identify those horses that represent good value in the ante-post listings. The aim is to identify a few horses that look over-priced and hope that they will shorten dramatically come the big day. This would thereby create opportunities to either hold a position or lay-off all or part of the bet on the exchanges.

The World Hurdle

The World Hurdle looks very interesting to me because I think that Kasbah Bliss looks the most likely winner. I’ve already invested at 7 to 2 and he is currently on offer at around 100 to 30 on the exchanges. I think anything above 2 to 1 is good value because I can only see Big Bucks and Punchestowns as the dangers.

Big Bucks looks the most dangerous rival because he has just beaten Punchestowns at Cheltenham. The ground was bottomless that day and on firmer ground the placings between these two might be reversed. However, if the ground was riding fast I think Kasbah Bliss would be a good thing. He would have simply too much flat race speed for either Big Bucks or Punchestowns because it has to be remembered that he finished fourth in a Group One flat race at Longchamp last year and won a Group race and other flat races since his Cheltenham exploits.

The best festival form is past festival form and Kasbah Bliss wasn’t too far behind Inglis Dreaver in the race last year and he looks to be on the upgrade. His trainer knows how to win races at Cheltenham and he knows when he has a good horse, and he has always held Kasbah Bliss in the highest regard. At this stage he looks like a banker.

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