Betfair ATM

Product Name: Betfair ATM
Supplier/Author: Michael S
Price: £59.99
Category: Horse Racing Backing System

Product Overview

Betfair ATM is simply a set of instructions which will hopefully enable you to make a steady profit from backing horses on the place market of Betfair when the race is in play.


I agree with the author that “Betfair ATM is actually not a system but it’s a strategy” as although there are rules to follow a lot of it is down to user discretion as when to place your back bets.

It is for backing a selection in the place market when certain criteria are met and has a good return / strike rate. This along with very easy to follow rules make it user friendly for novice and experienced punters alike.

You will need a relatively speedy bot to place your bets but these are readily available from any search engine on the internet.

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