Betfair SP or Early Price

The number one thing that you can do to improve your profits from betting is to get the best price possible when you place your bets.

In fact oftentimes the difference between a losing punter and a winning one comes down to how much effort they put into getting a price.

So with that in mind today I want to share with you the results from a winning tipster comparing early bookmaker prices and Betfair SP.

The service is Mark Foley’s Trainer Trends ( and the bets come out before 11:00 each morning along with details of where you can get the best morning price.

Clever followers of this service stop everything when Mark’s email arrives and grab the advised prices.

In fact I try and make sure I’m already logged into my main bookie accounts for when the mail arrives.

The stats from Trainer Trends since the flat service kicked off on April 16th are…

Runs = 144
Wins = 39
Strike Rate = 27%

And here’s the important bit…

Profit at Betfair SP = 38.27 points after 5% commission.

Or £956 at £25 stakes.

Profit at early prices = 57.91 which is £1447 at £25 stakes.

A whopping £491 additional profit just from a few minutes work each morning.

I’ll have more to say on this tomorrow!

Together we can win


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