Betting Pro Lays Review

Below are the reports from the Testing Teams review of Betting Pro Lays

10th July 2013
This review may well be academic because at the moment the service is closed to new subscribers and has a waiting list. The service costs £6.99 per week, and subscriptions are returned if the week is not profitable. There are usually one or two lays advised daily, with the stipulation that an upper lay limit of 5.00 is adhered to. It is recommended that lays are made close to the off, but if laying early and the price drifts beyond 5.00 then bets should be reversed. This will prove difficult for some and indeed 3 of the last 4 lays traded at or around the 5.00 mark at the off. The service itself has proved very consistent with all months since November being profitable after 5% Betfair commission. The average monthly profit is around 9 points, and I consider consistent monthly profits of between 5-10 points to be the aim for good laying services. If the service opens its doors again, I feel it should be considered as part of a portfolio and it appears very professionally run. Hopefully I can continue monitoring for at least another month.

Update: 10th August 2013
This service proved its consistency again with a monthly profit of 8.66 pts. Since monitoring began on 10th June, there have been 79 advices; of these 9 were non-runners and 20 were no bets as the Betfair SP was above the 5.00 limit. Of the remaining 50, 41 were winning bets (losers) with 9 winning representing a healthy 82% success rate. Based on 9 months data on the web site, every month has been profitable with the average profit around 9pts per month and it is a service that should be considered as part of a portfolio.

Update: 10th September 2013
This is proving to be a very consistent and steady laying service. There were 53 advices during the latest month of which 22 were above the maximum price limit of 5.00. Of the remainder 25 were winning laybets and 6 won their respective races and therefore were losing bets. After allowing for 5% commission deductions we ended with a profit of +6.50 points. During the 10 weeks of trialling to date there have been 81 qualifying lays of which 66 were successful (81.48%) producing a profit of +21.34 points.

Stuart who runs this service is starting a new football service and all bets are singles on the “both teams to score” market. There is a 2 week trial being offered and the first Saturday started with 3 successes from 5 bets and a modest profit. I will update further next month.

Update: 10th October 2013
After 8 months of continuous profit, the wheels well and truly came off this month. Of the 34 advices that qualified on price no less than 13 won their race resulting in a loss on the month of 14.86pts. Every service has a poor month, and traditionally Sept/Oct are the more difficult months. Any comfort to be gained is that the service finished the month with 7 consecutive losing lays. I am loathe to give up after one poor month and will continue monitoring to see if this was just a blip or something more serious.

Update: 10th November 2013
I’m afraid last month’s reversal wasn’t a blip, with October losing a further 12.30 points. What is more worrying is that the 2 losing months produced losses greater than the average of winning months and after the 4 months of this trial they are showing a loss of just under 6 points. Time to stop I think and in the circumstances it is difficult to do anything but say avoid which is a shame after the promising start.

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