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The latest instalment from our team of testers who have been keeping an eye on the world of commercially sold systems and betting products.

First up is Keith with his summary of results from a range of backing methods and an update from a long term laying project.

Partners in Profit – Originating author Phil Eadie has studied horse racing trainer and jockey combinations together with courses, distances, race types and the odds and has collated a manual detailing how this information can be applied to produce profits. The e-book is available for £37.00 + VAT, or alternatively there is a daily email service which costs £17.00 + VAT per month.

In order to follow the system to the letter you would have to wait until just before the start of the race so that all the conditions are met before placing any wager. This is how I have followed the system which over the 30days between the 25th November and 27th December has indicated 159 bets yielding 31 winners, a strike rate of 19.5%. These produced a very respectable level stake profit of 15 points calculated at Betfair SP after a 5% deduction and do not include the runner that was eliminated as its bookie’s odds at 66/1 were higher than the specified maximum of 20/1. It went on to win at a BSP of 98.94!

TheBetPlan – My 3 month trial of the BetPlan was started on the 7th September and finished on the 6th December. The results for the last 6 days were 17 selections which produced 5 winners and a level stake loss of 8.52 points using Betfair SP and deducting 5% commission. During the total 3 month period there were 179 selections of which 90 won, a strike rate of just over 50%. The average Betfair SP was 2.12 and overall a level stake profit of 7.18 points was achieved. This figure does not do the method credit as it really comes into its own by taking the early odds from “best odds guaranteed” bookmakers which greatly enhances the returns. This is especially the case when used in conjunction with the advised 5% ratchet staking plan which makes the most of the periodic winning streaks and rides out the short losing runs.

Place Win Bets – Was a new trial introduced towards the end of last month and I had previously mentioned that the results had got off to a low key start. This service provides horse racing tips by morning email to be backed in the place market on Betfair. Unfortunately it has not yet resumed the profitability that it was claiming on its website from an earlier period. For the period 16th November – 28th December there have been 33 racing days, excluding Sundays and Bank holidays when there are no tips, for which 81 selections were given with 46 being placed, a 56.8% strike rate. The average Betfair SP place odds of 1.577 returned a loss of 9 points at level stakes after deducting 5% commission.

To wrap up my piece I have the latest update from a long term project devised by Chris Castell. His Full Time Betting Income kicked off way back in June and has spent the subsequent months in and out of profit from its original starting bank of £200. As of the 19th of December it was pretty much back to where it started and was sitting at £195.35…well it was pitched as a long term strategy!

Now it is over to Rod for his latest news.

Lay Bet Pro – The initial results of the trial during the latter part of last month were pretty inconclusive and the latest figures have also been fairly disappointing overall mainly due to the aggressive suggested staking plan. For this approach to be successful you need the odds on shots which carry the bigger stakes to lose and so far that has not happened on a regular enough basis. During the 5 weeks or so of monitoring there have been 58 winning lay bets from 103 selections but the £500 starting bank has shrunk to £408.97 using the 5% risk staking. Level stakes of £25 would have produced just over 2 points profit which imho is not really enough to warrant too much interest.

The Killer Instinct – With a little over a week to go in the current month this steady eddie laying service is just over 5 points down but has still generated close to 50 points in profit during the 6 months or so that I have been trialling it. In my view this is a very satisfactory return for a simple to follow no flannel product offering.

Finally we have news of a new trial that will be taking place in the members’ forum. The Tennis Service is a fledgling offering from a couple of guys well known to you from their regular article contributions to the Insiders Report. We have arranged for them to share with us their selections from this popular punting sport for the next couple of months. Here’s hoping they do well and we all make a bob or two from their insights.

The Testing Team

Editor – We would like to pass on our thanks to the guys and gals of the testing team for their diligent and sterling work during the past 12 months. It is fair to say that you can count on one hand the number of products or services that have delivered on their sales patter promises, and hopefully the team’s trial results and reviews have prevented many of you wasting money on buying into the hype.

Also please remember that if you would like an honest and independent review of a betting related product or service then please send us the details and we will contact the vendor for a trial copy.

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