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The latest instalment from our team of testers who have been keeping an eye on the world of commercially sold systems and betting services. It is fair to say that most do not deliver on their profit claims but Rod & Keith do unearth a few gems!

This week’s update comes from Keith:-

Pinpoint Ratings Dutching Trial

After 8:00 pm each evening I visit a website where the next day’s selections for this trial are posted, the top two rated in an average of half a dozen races together with the odds available with Bet365 or Boyle Sports, as these are the only remaining bookies offering BOG with bets placed the previous day. 

I then go to , enter a total stake of 10 together with the advised odds in order to determine the amounts to be placed on each selection. 

The aim here is to ensure the same profit whichever of the two race selections win and which will be enhanced should the winner’s odds have drifted by the “off”.  Of course, by placing early bets there is always a chance of a Rule 4 deduction but fortunately Bet365 does not enforce the 5% rule for odds between 10 & 14/1. 

During the first month there were 166 top-twos, between 1 and 12 per day.  I ignored 3 of these as the calculator indicated that the odds would have to drift to show a profit but all the remaining 163 were OK. 

Staking 10 points per race there were 99 winners, a strike rate of 60.74% and staking 10 points per race produced a profit of 49.54 points, an ROI of 3.04%.  However, it was quite noticeable the different frequency of winners between handicap and non-handicap races: the 51 handicaps had the winner in 22 races, a strike rate of 43.14% losing 61.10 points whereas the 112 non-handicaps had 77 winners, a strike rate of 68.75% yielding a profit of 110.64 points, an ROI of 9.88%.  

I will continue to follow this thread and report on it next time.

4 Comments on “Betting Product Reviews”

  1. He said in his free trial to keep the stakes low even on a bit of a winning run he never indicated dutching or exactas but I did like the system until he came up with the price !!

    1. Hi Joseph,

      we have always looked on Pinpoint Ratings as a means to narrow down both races and potential selections. We always thought dutching would about break even.

      However, Keith suggested we try dutching them at the recommended BOG prices we highlight the night before betting and it looks like we underestimated them!

      I always suggest betting to small stakes to start with – for ALL systems/methods etc. That doesn’t mean you can’t increase your stake once you have the confidence in the new system.

      Also, the price. At present you can get a lifetime’s membership for just £67 (these prices are going to go up soon and that will be an annual price). But even then, that would be just over a fiver a month – just over half a point if you are backing to tenners!

      John at the punter’s pal

  2. In your article above you concluded that non-handicaps produce a much higher strike rate than the handicaps,therefore,am I to assume that your selections for dutching are selected strictly from non-handicaps?


    1. Hi Konstantin
      The selections are for both types of races. The reviewer was highlighting that based on his results the non-handicaps had returned a higher level of winners.
      Steve C

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