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Next up is Rod who you may recall in last month’s news report had the following to say about Betfair Miracle

“To sum up, for those looking for a laying system without multiple bets per day and a potential flow of slow steady profits then this one could well be the answer”.

During the four weeks or so since those comments were published there have been a total of 15 qualifying lay selections, of those 14 went on to lose their respective races. The losing lay was priced at 6.22, so an additional profit of +8.08 points has been made (after 5% commission deductions). With another winning month to tag on to the initial early promise, will this one go on to stand the test of time?

We finish off Rod’s section with an initial look see of The Combination System devised by Steve Woods and on the market for £89. This system operates on flat racing starting on May 1st and running through until the end of December, and is supplied with three years worth of summary results the profits of which seem to be mighty impressive. For example taking the equivalent period that we have had the opportunity to monitor, May-June, the average past profit is quoted as just over 60 points to level stakes. Our results so far haven’t quite reached that level with 12 winners from 38 selections and a small loss of -2.06 points @SP, but a slightly better return on the Betfair sp with a profit of +2.15.

The daily selections can be found in minutes from any newspaper using a simple set of rules, and it will be interesting to see how the Combination System performs as we move into the main part of the season.

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