Betting Software on Virtual Windows Server

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Once you’ve found a piece of betting software that works and makes consistent profits, the next step for most of us is to get that on a virtual server so it can run without intruding on your own PC use or indeed work while you are away from home.

Any windows software that works on your Windows PC should work on a Windows Server but sometimes there are difficulties.

Once such difficulty is DEP. Now I’m not a programmer but from what I’ve heard DEP is a system that was implemented to encourage programmers to use the Microsoft .net framework as opposed to more open solutions.

If you have a problem with a non .net software running on a Windows Server then this might be the problem.

Below I have added links to help that will get DEP switched off for you.

The problem came to light for me when using the KIP Betting Bot, as I discover other software that is effected I’ll update this post.

Here are those links