Casino Scalping

Casino Scalping

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Some of you will already have heard of casino scalping, but for those who don’t know what it is, here is an explanation taken from the free downloadable ebook from :

“To start us off, we will very quickly go through the basic idea of the business so you have a good grasp of the general idea of casino scalping.

Online casinos offer potential players cash bonuses to lure the punters into play at their casinos. For example; a typical offer may be that if you deposit $100 they will put an extra $100 into your account. You see most punters simply see this extra $100 as just more money to gamble with, which is why the casinos don’t mind giving it, because chances are they will just get it straight back. Of course this is fine for those that are playing the casinos for only a bit of fun.


A big difference; so it is by taking this bonus money intelligently, we can actually turn what would seem on the face of it, an unbeatable and thus an unprofitable situation, into a profitable one! Now unfortunately, the casinos won’t let us withdraw this bonus money straight away. No, they make us actually bet with the money before we can withdraw it.

As an example, a bonus may be that if you deposit $100, they will give you a $100 bonus. The casinos make us turn over 20 times the value of both the bonus and the deposit. So $200 x 20 = $4000. So you have to make $4000 worth of bets before you can withdraw your money.

Sounds daunting? Well it’s not as tough as it may first appear.

Our choice of game is blackjack (where possible), because this game has the lowest ‘house margin’ or in other words, the lowest advantage over us the player. So let’s say the edge is 0.5% that the casinos hold. This means that we can expect to lose 0.5% of our total ‘action’ or the total amount turned over. So if we made 50 $2 bets, then we would have turned over $100 and we can expect to lose only 50 cents, according to the odds against us. (That is the 0.5% margin which the casino holds over us.)

In the example where we had to turnover 20 times the bonus and deposit, we know that we have to turn over $4000 before we withdraw the bonus amount. So 0.5% of $4000 = $20. So this is the amount that we should on average lose by playing through $4000 worth of bets. Remember though, the casino has given us an extra $100 to play with, so after playing $4000 worth of online blackjack, we can expect to have around $180 in our account, for a net gain of $80!

Now the end result may fall above or below this $80 figure, however, it will even out over time. (As in some casinos you will do better than what is expected and sometimes worse.) The most important thing is that you will be playing with a real mathematical edge because of the inclusion of the bonus. This is how we can turn an otherwise unprofitable game into a profitable one.”

That just about explains it. The idea is to take the bonus money, bet the required wagering requirement and then cash out with your profits.

Does it work?

To test this system out I started with a fictional balance of £200 ( assuming £100 deposit and £100 bonus) at Victor Chandler casino which I already have on my desktop. (I wasn’t playing for real money but the principal and the results are the same.)

I assumed a wagering requirement of ten times the £200, which is £2000, and is fairly typical of the majority of the casinos that I looked at. This means I had to turnover at least £2000 worth of bets before I could cash out my bonus – assuming I had some left!

My bet size was £4 (which Casino Scalping Club recommend) so I needed to play 500 hands of blackjack (using the Casino Scalping Club crib sheet) to turn over the £2000 required. In the manual it states that with a little practice you can play 400 hands an hour but the most I managed was 300 – and that was playing as fast as I could. It should be noted that different casinos have different settings and at Victor Chandler that was the fastest I could get their program to deal the cards! Some casino software will be faster but I think a target of 300 hands per hour is more realistic. But that’s still less than two hours to turn over the £2000 required – and in theory leave you with enough of your bonus to make it all worthwhile! In fact at a loss of 0.5% you should have a balance of £190 left, which is a loss of just £10 pounds, (£2000 x 0.5% = £10) or put another way a profit of £90!

I played in 30 minute sessions and I averaged 125 hands per session (250 hands per hour.) In my first session I lost £84! (Sod’s Law) which was a big chunk of my bank. (This can happen but it does average out in the end). The next three sessions I made £22, £14 and £12 leaving me with a total bank of £164. In other words I’d lost £36 of the £200 I started with. (remember I should only lose £10 in theory) And so retained £64 of the bonus amount which if I was playing for real could have been cashed out! So that’s a profit of £64 for two hours work! Not bad at all! I’ve no doubt that sometimes you’ll win more and sometimes less (and I’m prepared to accept the Casino Scalping Club figures which state a 0.5% average loss) but all things considered I cannot fault it.

What do you get from ?

• The Casino Scalping Club ‘Bible’ a 42 page printable ebook which is excellent and explains exactly how to go about scalping the casinos

• Weekly updates of suitable and tested casinos by email

• An excellent Forum to discuss ideas and/or problems with fellow scalpers

• An excel spreadsheet to help you compute your likely profit

• The Perfect Blackjack Strategy ‘Cheat’ Sheet to help you minimise the house edge


I would recommend this to anyone. As far as I can tell it really works and the beauty of it is it’s Free! Not only that but you can practice for free as well – all of the casinos you download offer a practice mode where you can play for fake money while you hone your skills. In fact I recommend you do exactly that and practice until you’re ready to try it for real.

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  1. Hi , I would like to join the casino scalping club . How can I do this ? I received the casino scalping club ‘bible’ some years ago but havent had time to look into it.

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