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Free Money Courtesy Of The Bookmakers – Part 2

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In addition to the “free-bet” new account bonuses that we described in the first article in this series, there are whole rafts of other offers that the bookmakers use to entice us to place our wagers with them on an on-going basis. The first of these takes the form of a slightly different new account bonus whereby the bookmaker offers a “deposit bonus”. This quite simply is extra money being added to your account balance, typically between 10-20% of the amount you initially deposit when the new account is opened. The maximum amount can very between the bookmakers offers but it is quite usual to have the opportunity to receive an additional £100 based on a 20% bonus on an initial deposit of £500. Now for some punters this may be beyond their normal levels, and smaller amounts can be worked with, however, by now you should have realized that scalping bonuses is a form of business, and as such needs to be treated completely differently from other punting activities as the main purpose is to never put these monies at risk. Instead they are simply funds that are used to turnover bonus offers and retain as much of the free money as possible.
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Something for the Weekend

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Courtesy of  Paddy Power

For this weekend we are looking at a straightforward bet that we can make using the Paddy Power Imperial Cup offer to extract some free money from the bookies

Go to and from the menu on the left hand side select horse racing. Then select the meeting Sandown and pick any race. Where the bookmakers are shown locate Paddy Power and move your mouse over the “Bookie Offers” symbol next to Paddy Power. A pop-up window will appear with details of the special offer of a free bet. Click on the offer button and open a new account.

This will entitle you to receive a free bet which will match the value of your first bet placed up to a maximum of £25.00. You can either use this to back your favourite football team or fancy on the weekends big horse race. (Please read the Paddy Power terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you meet the requirements).

An alternative use of the FREE money could be to have a “CRAIC” with it by following this simple but completely Irish Method. You need to find a horse that can finish 5th……… yes 5th in the Paddy Power sponsored Imperial Cup that is being staged at Sandown on Saturday 13th March (15.05): As the sponsor of this race Paddy Power are offering to pay out on the first five finishers, whereas normally, and with most other book makers only 4 places will be paid on each-way bets.

Read the form book or do what you would normally do to find a selection in this race………… I would go for one in the first 5 or 6 in the betting as it is more likely to run well, but also the second part of the “CRAIC” bet involves “laying” on Betfair, and the shorter price means you will need less in your Betfair account to cover the lay liability. By the way Betfair also offer a free bet bonus so if you do not have an account click here to open one and claim the free bet bonus.

Right, let’s say your selection is 10/1 or 11.0 in decimal format. The each-way terms for this race are ¼ odds for a place, so this works out to 3.50 (including your stake). To work out the calculation refer to the Oddschecker site and in the top right hand side there is a button called “Betting Tools”. Click the drop down menu and select “Hedging” and a new window will open. In the “Back Price” box type in the decimal win odds of the horse that you have selected (price at Paddy Power), in our example this is 11.00. Change the “Back Stake” to £12.50 and after looking at the Betfair win market the same horses “Lay Price”. This will generally be slightly higher as the prices on Betfair are normally better than those available with the Book Makers. Let’s say our horse is available at 11.70. (Leave “Commission” as the default).

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Should you let your bets run or close out when a profit can be made.

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I was chatting with a very succesful bettor the other day and we were
arguing about the merits of closing out on bets where your horse is
doing well in running.

EG you have bet a horse at a big price say 7/1 and it is looking like
a winner and now trading odds on in running, should you lock in a
profit or let it run and hope for the win.

The argument for each case is something along the lines of…
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