Change Over Time Again – Part Three

The following nine factors make flat racing ideal lay territory, especially on favourites, which offer the least liability. Consider them carefully.

1. When the Flat season is in full swing there is far too much racing on offer therefore it pays to specialize. No one can hope to look at five cards a day effectively. A far better approach is to look at a couple of cards a day and eliminate those favourites that look to be strong form contenders, especially in small fields. Remember if in doubt move on to a race which has either a weak looking favourite, or a race that looks very competitive.

2. In essence flat racing is all about speed, especially at sprint distances of 5/6f. Any horse that doesn’t possess the ability to accelerate as a race develops will struggle. Horses with consistent top speeds are regular winners especially when proven in the prevailing race conditions.

3. 60% of the racing calendar is taken up by flat races, so it can often be fiercely competitive.

4. Favourites win around 30% of all races. Generally this bias is in favour of the bookies and the shrewd layers, especially those who are prepared to learn more about the sport. However as we are dealing with animals of all ages, shapes and sizes; conditions within racing are always changing. Identifying what part these changes can have on the results can be of great advantage to us from a profit point of view.

5. The distances raced over are a lot shorter than jumps racing; finishes are tighter and horses often finish in a heap. Winning margins are shorter, and plenty of favourites get taken on the line.

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