Change Over Time Again – Part Two

One method serious backers employ is to monitor the trainers ability to get their horse ready early season. They do this using the Racing Post – STATISTICS research tool, which is available here:

Once you get on the STATISTICS home page click on the TRAINER tab. When you get the list of trainers up simply click on any name in the ascending list to take a closer look at their individual statistics for the last five seasons.

jb 601

The example below shows M. Johnston stats. Use the drop down menu, select “Month” and hit “Filter results”

jb 602

From the trainer’s “monthly stats” page you can gain an overview of how their horses perform in the early part of the Flat season.

jb 603

With a little research you should be able to establish which trainers have a past record for getting horses fit and ready early season. Thankfully for the layers – not many do. Therefore debutants and current season, unraced horses can be ripe for laying under the right circumstances; although there is still a need to establish a few solid reasons before opposing well supported favourites, such as credible opposition.

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