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39 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hello there. Hope your doing well.
    I Received an email from Michael Wilding (

    Is this one of you guys ?

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Darren,
    Hi Darren,
    Sorry!!! Just a concern from an hesitating beginner like me.
    I came accross with and while browsing. At the beginning I thought it was a same site.
    Which one do you advise me to subscribe with? The two or one.
    Let’s say that I’m looking for something to learn and gain money (later or right now).
    This message to you because you seem to be the same owner of the two sites.
    Thanks for your reply.



    1. Hi Joe

      Thanks for your comment, the Bet 72 site isnt actually mine, but I’ll tell you what I know and hopefully it will help you make a decision.

      The main aim of the Bet72 site is to help people to make money by taking bookmaker introductory offers and getting the free bonus amount out of the account and into your pocket. Darren Hall seems to be very succesful with that.

      Here at Bet School we aim to help our readers to make money by placing winning bets and by uisng software to help automate betting. We have a team of industry experts (published authors, industry commentators etc) that analyse events and advise methods for future profits, we also include free tools for automating your betting.

      Hope that helps
      Darren Power

  3. I have had an email from Ken Millard regarding puntology his program
    says it simplifies the method and costs 9.99 would you recommend it,
    and is it a god tool for laying.
    yours Robert

    1. Hi Robert

      I havent seen this tool but I imagine it is based on the VRR Lite method. This method is intended to short list selections that are then further analysed before making final selections, it is not intended that all selections are bet without further analysis.

      It works well in that regard and I assume the tool emulates that


  4. Hi,

    I’m thinking of joining the club but before I do I just wanted to ask the following question;

    On joining what are the first five most reliable systems that I should look at starting to use that will make me a profit. I would prefer high strike rate systems and those that will make me consistent profits. Also, by using these systems how much profit per 12 months am I likely to make and what sort of betting bank should I have.

    Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Stephen

      To start with I would recommend that you follow the Easy Lay Method and Easy Back Method selections that are free to all members, these have been profitable over the long term, they are not high strike rate but are reliable.

      Size of bank is a personal thing but for any method should be at least 20 times your stake.

      I would advise that you set aside what you can spare and then allocate a percent of that for each method that you follow.

      EG you might stake 1% on each ELB selection but 4 or 5% on something with a higher strike rate.

      We have many automated methods also and I would advise you to build a portfolio from what we have available. Ideally we dont want all members using the same 3 or 4 methods as this can impact the effectiveness of them, it is better that you choose.

      The people that make a success of this are those that accept that they need to take the slow and steady approach.


  5. Hi Darren,Hi Darren,Sorry!!! Just a concern from an hesitating beginner like me.I came accross with and while browsing. At the beginning I thought it was a same site.Which one do you advise me to subscribe with? The two or one.Let’s say that I’m looking for something to learn and gain money (later or right now).This message to you because you seem to be the same owner of the two sites.Thanks for your reply.

    1. Hi
      Bet72 is not my site so it would be wrong for me to say which is better. Betting School aims to educate on how to bet or trade to win, we focus mainly on horse racing but with some other sports covered where we think there is a profitable angle.

      As I understand it Bet 72 is focused on getting bonuses from bookmakers for opening new accounts and how to get that money from the bookmakers.

      Hope that helps

  6. hi , i have a question about horse racing. when we bet any horse we win only when it comes first place or we can win if it comes second or third place . for example i bet on three horse . all they come first 3 places. i win for all 3 or just for horse which comes first place ?

    1. Hi Khayal

      If you are betting on Betfair there will be two markets that you can choose from 1 will be the win only market and will pay out if you back the winner, the other is the place market and will pay out on horses that finish 1st , 2nd and often 3rd, sometimes 4th. The exact number depends on the number of runners and will be stated in the rules.

      The prices will be lower in the place markets but as you say you can win more than one bet.

      Hope that helps

  7. thanks for answer . my second question , i am new to betfair and i dont now how to choose place market . can you help please ?

  8. my 3 question . i watched video and learned how to green up but when back bet is higher than lay betfair unmach the bet . how to resolve this problem ?

  9. thank you for the 33/1 winner at goodwood! sadly i only had the money in my williamhill account, im expecting you got alot better odds as betfair, however 10 pounds each way is still a lovely win on a friday!

  10. Hi Darren,

    As you seemingly exist for the same reason I do, education of the masses to increase the likelihood of extracting money from the bookies, I wondered how interested you might be on my website ( I spent too many years trying to reinforce the ideal of back testing systems to many people who will paper trade just about anything. Sometimes I am correct, other times I am deemed an idiot as someone turns a profit from a mere 50 bets. So I created to speed up peoples abilities to back test and see just how hard it is to derive profit from football using conventional methods.

    I hope you find it interesting. Get it touch and I’ll let you see the full extent of what is available.

    Cheers, keep up the good work.


  11. Heard a lot about “lay the field” strategy. Does this actually work??. Been thinking about this but i am not too hot on maths so wonder if it is a viable strategy to use on races over 7+ furlongs with at least 8 runners in competative races. Any help is gratefully welcome

    1. Hi Graeme

      Laying the field certainly works but of course you have to get the prices right which means there is an element of knowing which way the market might go.

      For example you may decide to lay everything at the current back price and if you are matched on all you will make a profit but if the market moves before you are matched, which it invariably does then you may get yourself in a losing position on some of your selections.

      If you keep up with the course news and the various online resources you can add some prediction of price movements into your strategy and this will help you to keep on the right side of the profit and loss line.

      So yes it can be profitable but it’s not an easy task, skill/work is required.


  12. Hi Darren
    I am a OAP and I am thinking of joining, all I want are daily tips to help out the pension, so, are the daily tips profitable over the medium term, I see that there are a lot of winning tips daily on your web site are these the ones members get
    any help appreciated

    1. Hi Cliff

      Yes medium to long term is the best way to assess the tips and they stand up when assessed this way with some highs and lows along the way. They are all available in the members area.


  13. Hi.. Just have a question. Whats the diference betwen these two. I dont know witch one too choose 🙂

    The Inside Track

    Inform Racing Daily Advice

    1. Hi Christian,

      The Inside Track is a new trial that we started during this month and will generally be daily selections (win or each way) that we feel will offer value combined with a decent strike rate. The Inform Daily Advise is provided in association with the Inform Speed ratings and offers their top 3 rated in selected handicap races. These can either
      be backed to win, dutched or a start point for further study. Both sets of selections are showing healthy profits.

      Hope this helps.

  14. hi I have use kip betting bot in 3 weeks but can not get some bets i use setting like in the video setup ,I need some help


  15. Hi,

    Does the Winners page document all tips given to members or just those that either came 1st or were placed 2nd, 3rd or 4th?

    I am thinking of joining (initially on a monthly basis) but wanted clarity with regards to total bets versus winners and places.

    Many thanks,


  16. Hi Darren,

    If I recall you or someone at the betting school were going to contact me when the Kip Bot was up & running & if so how well it was performing?


  17. @Darren
    greetings i am from india, i want to try out members area,
    and honestly i can not play uk races , since my country does not permit online punting, either with book makers or betting exchange,
    i only want to read about staking methods, especially dual bank method.
    kindly let me know how much it will cost me to enter in to Members area,
    for one Month only,
    pl inform early

  18. Hello.ive recently come across your site via youtube and what i would like to ask for is some advice,i am considering joining up with betfair and placing just a small sum of money into an account,just 100 pounds to begin with.could you suggest to me which is the best software to use on betfair when trading?there are so many software packages out there all claiming to make you tons of money that i am just confused with it all.ideally i just want to make small bets now and again,just to build up learning experience.anyway,any info would be much appreciated.thanks

    1. Hi Kevin

      I would recommend gruss betting assistant, it’s very good and also very cheap and has a 30 day free trial, just google it.

      Good luck


  19. Dear all, have been subscribed since April, and appreciate the tips and info greatly. However, last Sat 10 th no email.Ditto Mon & TUE . Email appeared in Junkmail on Wed onwards. Today, Sat 17th , no email again.Would welcome help. Many thanks, Bill.

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