Free Money Courtesy Of The Bookmakers – Part 2

In addition to the “free-bet” new account bonuses that we described in the first article in this series, there are whole rafts of other offers that the bookmakers use to entice us to place our wagers with them on an on-going basis. The first of these takes the form of a slightly different new account bonus whereby the bookmaker offers a “deposit bonus”. This quite simply is extra money being added to your account balance, typically between 10-20% of the amount you initially deposit when the new account is opened. The maximum amount can very between the bookmakers offers but it is quite usual to have the opportunity to receive an additional £100 based on a 20% bonus on an initial deposit of £500. Now for some punters this may be beyond their normal levels, and smaller amounts can be worked with, however, by now you should have realized that scalping bonuses is a form of business, and as such needs to be treated completely differently from other punting activities as the main purpose is to never put these monies at risk. Instead they are simply funds that are used to turnover bonus offers and retain as much of the free money as possible.

Talking of turnover a typical bookmaker deposit bonus has the usual “small print” attached to it, and before attempting to scalp one you should always read the terms and conditions and ensure that you fully understand them. In general terms the initial deposit plus the deposit bonus would need to be wagered at least 5 times the total before you would be able to withdraw the bonus part. In bookmaker speak it is often referred to as “rollover”, however our plans involve finding an event where the balance including the bonus can be lost by backing a loser with the bookmaker whilst at the same time hedging the bet with another bookmaker or betting exchange.

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