[Free Tip Inside] 63% ROI Proofed

Extra, extra.

I love a free extra, an add on or a bonus.

And that’s what you get from Loves Racing.

As you might expect from anybody who lives and breathes racing everyday Brett Love has a lot of extra systems and strategies outside of the heavily researched and successful tips that make up his tipping service.

One of these strategies became Brett’s rating selections and once they were live proofed they were added as a free bonus to members of Loves Racing.

So far there have been 

Selections = 203
Winners = 49
Strike Rate = 24%
Profit at Betfair SP = 136.32

ROI = 63.7%

This profit is all made at Betfair SP and so every member can make exactly the same profit.

The selections are sent out direct to members smartphones, tablets and desktops at around 10 am each day and of course you can place a Betfair SP bet from your smartphone in a few seconds.

If you join Loves Racing today you can get these bonus selections at no extra cost.


Today’s Selection from our members forum

16:10 Ffos Las – Gone Platinum – win bet @ Betfair SP

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