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Even the best of tipsters can have a bad day or a bad week, and occasionally a bad month.

And it is generally considered good practice to try a service or system for three months before deciding whether to continue or drop it.

Of course before you ever get to that stage you should have checked out the past results but assuming you’ve done that and decided that the service has potential then three months is a fair live test.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that the Brett Love tipping service now has a three month subscription option that will save you money.

The regular monthly price for this service is £59.99 per month, which many consider to be a bit rich. But you’re paying for strong and consistent results.

Before I tell you the quarterly price here’s a quick rundown of what the service includes and the results so far.

The main Loves Racing selections target the high class racing at the weekend and went live in November 2017, the profit so far is £5,153 to £25 stakes.

Then members get Brett’s festival selections which kicked off with Cheltenham 2018 and added £2,887 to the pot.

If you want to give it a proper test yourself you can now join Loves Racing for £99 for 3 months.


Today’s Selection from our members forum

4:05 Plumpton – Midnight Bliss – win bet 9/2 general price

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