[Free Tip Inside] Bet Less Win More

Morning, I’m running late but feeling great (ish).

First thing to mention is that if you didn’t pick up the freebie from Loves Racing yesterday, you can still get that here https://www.betting-school.com/brettlove

Today I have to talk about Gary Boswell’s Bet Less Win More service again!

Just because I like to win every day and Gary comes close to doing that.

So far this month there have been 18 winning days out of 25.

And because the bets are all at a fraction of a point you can make 1 point a higher amount.

For example I bet at £100 per point with this service and today’s bets are at 0.25 points (£25) and 0.15 points (£15).

The profit so far this month is 8.76 points (£876)

There are lays involved in the service so there is more risk than the stake on some bets but they are always short priced lays.

Anyway bottom line is I’m enjoying this service and if you want to know more the full details are here https://betlesswinmore.co.uk

By the way it’s also very cheap.

Today’s Selection

4:00 Hereford – Ruby Yeates – win bet 

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