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Staggered Accumulators

One of the key aspects and my favourite part of Gary Boswell’s Bet Less Win More (BLWM) service.

The reason I like them so much is because you very rarely lose and frankly you very rarely win, but when you do win it’s worth the effort.

So a lot of the time you are busy going nowhere but knowing that when the win comes it will be worthwhile.

I bet all the Bet Less Win More selections to £100 per point, which sounds like a lot but most of the bets are advised at a fraction of a point.

Since I’ve been following BLWM there have been 7 of these Staggered Accumulators and the results to my £100 stakes have been as follows.

+ £900
– £100
– £25
+ £0 – break even
+ £0 – break even
– £50
+ £0 – break even
+ £725

The way the Staggered Acca’s work is that you place a bet on the first leg and if that leg wins the stake is returned to your pot and you just bet on the second leg with the winnings, so you break even and at that stage you can’t lose.

The BLWM service also includes daily selections and I’ll talk about those in another mail but the ethos of the service and of Gary Boswell is to win little and often, with way more winning days than losing days.

Bet Less Win More is currently available at a bargain £14.99 per month, full details here https://betlesswinmore.co.uk/ 

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3:15 Taunton – Spring Wolf – win bet  4/1 Marathon Bet

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