[Free Tip Inside] Dundalk Selection

The show goes on for Bet Less Win More members with today’s action at Dundalk.

Although Gary’s daily fair is usually UK racing he does look all around the world for his Less Is More bets and at a wide variety of sports and his intent is to make 100 points again for members this year.

I follow these selections at £100 per point and fully expect to again have £10,000 of tax free cash in my fun fund by the end of the year.

If you want to get on board for just £14.99 you can do that here and get started with today’s bet – https://betlesswinmore.co.uk

For the free bet we turn to Dundalk, with this selection courtesy of the Betting Insiders Club…

6:00 Dundalk – Sky Seven – win bet 3/1 general price

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