[Free Tip Inside] In days of olde…

In olden times when I first started betting there were a number of simple systems that punters would use to find winners.

As time passed and punters and bookies got access to more information and data, markets adapted to kill off the simplest of systems.

But systems do still work, they just need to be a little more niche.

They also have many benefits. For one it is always clear what you should be betting, no waivering over whether to include a selection, if the system says it’s a bet then it’s a bet.

Systems are also a lot quicker than form study and they are a lot cheaper than paying a tipster.   

Today’s free selection comes from our Turf Recoup system, which is quick and easy to use and has produced a 48% ROI at level stakes.

Along with our All Weather Recoup system it is 20 points up since the Flat season kicked off on March 22nd.

If you want your own copy of the system you can get a copy here

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Today’s free selection 

19:40 Thirsk – Duke Of Alba – The bet is 1 point win & 1 point place at Betfair SP

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