[Free Tip Inside] More Boring Profit on Monday

There was more boring profit for Bet Less Win More members yesterday.

But it’s not all boring with Gary ‘The Boz’ Boswell.

Because there is more than one part to Bet Less Win More service.

The exciting part is the Staggered Acca’s.

Accumulator bets are great for landing big wins but most acca players lose because they frequently get let down by one leg and when one leg goes down the whole acca goes down, down, down!

The Boz has a different approach to accas.

The first step is to just concentrate on finding the first winner.

Once that is found the initial stake is placed, when you win that first leg you take back your initial stake and put it back safely in your wallet.

So let’s say the first bet is a horse at 6/4 and you start your acca with a tenner.

The horse wins and you get back £25.

Take £10 and return that to your betting bank and then you have £15 for leg two of the acca.

Leg two doesn’t have to be on the same day, but when another nailed on winner is found stake the £15 safe in the knowledge that you can’t lose now because your initial stake is back in the bag and you are playing with won money.

The way ‘The Boz’ plays these is to wait between legs until the ideal next bet comes along, so your acca is spread out across days and weeks, until you build up the big big not boring at all win.

If you want to win most days with the occasional bonanza join Bet Less Win More…


Today’s Free Tip is from the Recoup System

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