[Free Tip Inside] Poet in Residence Bets Big

Not all tipsters are the same, you’ll no doubt be glad to hear.

In this month’s On Course Profits magazine we got the opportunity to interview The Boz!

Gary Boswell started out as a performance poet, but when 20 years of touring turned boring (Didn’t need my rhyming dictionary for that one) he turned to his other passion and started writing and tipping. First on the footy but more recently for racing and tennis.

Everytime I read the section on his biggest recomendation to his clients I have to get out the calculator and make sure I’ve understood correctly…

Best tip given was Richard Johnson at 13/8 to win the NH jockeys championship the year AP retired. I advised my only ever 100 point stake bet. I advise betting to £100 per point

100 points at £100 per point is £10,000.

Anyway the interview makes for a very interesting read and is filled with tidbits of useful information and insights into the life of a player in the tipster world.

Read it here https://www.oncourseprofits.com/an-interview-with-gary-boswell-aka-the-boz/

Today’s Free Tip – Courtesy of On Course Profits System Selections

4:45 Thirsk – Erastus – win bet 6/1 Bet365

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