[Free Tip Inside] Slow and Steady Wins the Betting Race 🐢

So yesterday we talked about staggered accumulators and how Gary Boswell aims for the big win for very little downside and currently we are waiting for the next acca to start.

But the main part of the service is the daily bets where the goal is to make a small profit every day as opposed to the rollercoaster of long losing runs with the occasional bigger priced winner.

So as an example yesterday’s bet made a profit of 0.15 points so to my £100 per point stakes that’s a £15 profit.

The actual bet was a 0.3 points (£30) lay on Oh This Is Us, which finished 2nd so that was a £30 profit.

The second part of the bet was a 0.15 point back bet on Arcanada in the same race. Arcanada finished 5th so that was £15 lost.

This is how it goes most days, we get a succesful lay and less often we get a succesful back, when the backs win we have a surge in profit and the backs are what make us the big profit. The lay bets pay for the back bets.

Gary goes into great detail each day about why he is laying a particular selection and they are usually short priced favourites.

If a small profit most days with an occasional big win appeals to you then try Bet Less Win More.

Bet Less Win More is currently available at a bargain £14.99 per month, full details here https://betlesswinmore.co.uk/ 

Today’s Free Selection from the Betting Insiders Club

A win for the free tip yesterday at 6/1 SP, we return to the Insiders Club for today’s selection

16:00 Market Rasen – Dartford Warbler 6/1 Paddy Power

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