[Free Tip Inside] Very Profitable System

Back in November we emailed readers on this mailing list about our new National Hunt system that had an ROI of over 60%.

Once we had a few buyers on board we closed down the offer so those that bought it could make their profit and not have that effected by 100’s of people jumping on board.

Well it’s three and a half months in and the results have held up very well and have not been effected at all by the buyers of the system backing the selections.

So today we are going to let a few more people get access to the system so they can see just how profitable the systems created by the Betting Insiders Club are.

The live results since the system went on sale are as follows…

77 bets
20 winners
26% strike rate

+ 47.11 points to 1 point level stakes at Betfair SP after commission

61% Return on Investment.

Even buyers who only bet at minimum £2 stakes have made back many times the £7.99 price of the system.

If you want to buy the system or try Betting Insiders and have the selections found for you each day, follow this link…


Today’s Selection from the Recoup NH System

Fontwell 14:35 – Westbrook Bertie – win bet at Betfait SP

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