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It was another profit yesterday for Bet Less Win More with the tortoise approach still moving slowly and steadily forward with 0.5 points of profit on the day.

Today’s bets run in the 1:55.

We’ve had a few questions in about what type of bets we make with this service and how much time it takes.

The answer to that is that on most days we will be betting on Betfair or another exchange in one race per day.

Personally I just set an alarm on my phone for 10 minutes before the race and at that time I look at the market and place my bets and I watch the market until my bets are matched, this usually takes a couple of minutes and then I’m done for the day.

The other question we are getting is around what are we betting.

Most days we will bet as above in one race these are the Less Is More (LIM) bets that make up the slow and steady profits.

The other bets are the Staggered Accumulators and these come along occasionally and the bets will be on anything where Gary thinks we have a strong bet with a definite edge.

Gary specialises in National Hunt racing, Non League football and Ladies Tennis among other things.

The last Acca bet was on Saturday and that was the first leg of the latest acca and was a bet on Redditch in the Southern League, that bet won and the stake was returned to the bank.

The next leg of that bet will likely be this weekend. For those who got on board last Saturday this acca is a no lose proposition now.


There will be no more £1 trials after Friday so if slow and steady profits with the occasional big win appeals get in now, those who take this £1 trial will only pay £12.99 per month when their trial ends, this is the cheapest this service will ever be.


Today’s free tip from Betting Insiders

14:35 Wincanton – Bermeo – win bet 5/2 General Price

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