[Free Tip Inside] What’s the Point!

What is a point?

I saw an ad for a tipping service yesterday that claimed 35 points profit over the past 30 days.

That seemed worth a closer look, and I’m glad I did look closer.

It turned out they were betting 10 points on every race so their 35 points was in reality only 3.5 points!

Anyway I passed over that opportuntity. But what it did make me realise is that people may be underestimating the amazing consistency and profits of the Bet Less Win More (BLWM) service.

It was another winning day yesterday for BLWM with £74.50 profit for me, that puts the month to date profit at £506.30 and the profit since I started following this service last November at £4,111.25.

But back to the points. BLWM recommends just a 20 point bank and the bets are all in fractions of a point with 1 point being the maximum bet.

I’ve never been close to using that 20 point bet since I’ve been following because the lowest I’ve been is -1.49 points.

I’m not saying this will happen for you and you should always have a betting bank to get through the tough times but I could’ve started with just £200 and made that four grand. 

Today’s bet is 0.25 point and that is why I can afford to bet at £100 per point with this service when generally I only bet at the £10 – £30 per point level.  

You may think it’s boring to only bet on one race per day and to make small profits of less than a point per day, but when you are making money most days it becomes very addictive, in a good way.

Bet Less Win More is currently just £14.99 per month, you can join here.


Today’s free selection 

15:55 Doncaster  – Boundary Lane – Win and place at Betfair SP

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