[FTI] To Do List

Following on from my mails last week about price movements we had, as I expected, some questions asking for more detail.

I have added these to my to do list and will do the research over the coming weeks.

Most of the requests will require a lot of digging to get to the details and will need a good few hours set aside to get to the answers.

But there was one question that is easily answered.

The question is “What is the effect for smaller movements, say 2 price points”

The answer is not good news as horses that move 1 or 2 points fair worse than those that move 4 or more.

The headlines are…

1 point movement between 10 am and SP = 21% Loss on stakes

2 point movement between 10 am and SP = 23% Loss on stakes

3 point movement between 10 am and SP = 18 % Loss on stakes

4 points or more movement = 16% Loss on stakes

We are going with a selection from our members forum again today and it is another trainer based system that we run for our members.

Yesterday we ended up with 11 selections and made 6 points profit on the day.

Today we have 5 selections posted up so far with more to follow as the morning progresses.

If you would like to get access to all of those and all the other club benefits join us here join us herehttps://bettinginsiders.com

Today’s Selection 

Chelmsford 21:15 – Starshell – win bet 9/2 Sporting Bet 

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