GreyHorse Bot

GreyHorse Bot

In this issue I’d like to talk a bit about using the ladder stakes feature of the Greyhorse Bot. This has been a staple option for quite some time now however with some of the recent updates in the version 3 cluster it can be used in quite an interesting way.

Let’s say for example we would like to back and lay runners in the same race but only within certain odds ranges with specific stakes for each range.

You can now do this by making use of both back and lay tabs in the bet settings options, set my ranked runners (up to 30 if necessary) and then setting up ladder stake options.

These settings I have applied to the greyhounds however Greyhorse Bot also lets you run them with horses

GreyHorse Bot Table 1GreyHorse Bot Table 2

Here you can see my back and lay settings above. What I have done is set my lay range low to limit my liability and back range higher. I then choose all 6 ranked runners

GreyHorse Bot Table 3

And move over to the ladderstakes tab

GreyHorse Bot Table 4

As you can see I have staggered my stakes across different odds ranges so for example

Runners between 1.02 and 3.00 will be laid with 0.40

Runners between 3.01 and 4.00 will be laid with 0.30

Runners between 4.01 and 8.00 will be backed with 0.20

Runners between 8.01 and 15.00 will be backed with 0.10

The settings are a guideline as a demonstration as to how you can integrate ladder stakes into your Grey Horse Bot settings, feel free to experiment with stakes, odds ranges, TTS times and other variables.

The settings we have shown here have shown some quite interesting results and although you don’t always get winning days when you do they can be quite substantial.

Malcolm Pett