Horse Racing Software

Horse Racing Software

What do you think Alex Bird or Phil Bull would say if they were with us now?

I think they’d be pretty damn excited and would think that they’d died and gone to heaven. (which I guess is what happened)

In their day if you could make 1% return on the monies that you had invested (Turnover) thenyou had a business.

Fact is you can get an automated solution off the shelf that will make you over 10% Return on Investment (ROI)

In this article s I’m going to tell you what I know about horse racing software and show you where to go for further research.

The key points I will be covering are.

1. Reaons to automate

2. What can be automated

3. What is harder to automate

4. What commercial solutions are available

and of course we’ll look at some tested solutions that will actually make you money and I’ll tell you about the off the shelf commercial productsthat are available.

A long time ago now I used to bet the greyhounds, I had jacked in my job and my profit from the dogs was my sole income.

Let me tell you that winning is harder when you are relying on your winning to pay the bills.

It’s hard to keep your emotions out of your betting activities!

What I would have given then to have some software that would place my bets for me.

I remember one particular day, I only had two selections and my bet was £100 on each.

Back then there was no Betfair and I was a cashonly bettor, I had my favourite shops, but would move around between a few of those.

Anyways I popped over to see my folks beforeracing and got into a bit of a row…

anyway upshot was I walked into the bookies just as my first selection romped over the line at 5/1and of course I was available to lose £100 on the second selection which missed the break and started 2 lengths behind the field.

So the most basic horse racing software automation need might be to just have your bets placed for you.

These days we have Betfair SP for your horse bets but if you want to have your bets placed on other markets then you can use something like the Grey Horse Bot or the Bet Scheduler to do that for you.

Probably though your needs are a bit more complicated than that.

Maybe you want something that will find the selections for you or maybe you want to operate a staking plan (actually the GHB will do that and if you just want to bet a % of your funds then the Bet Sched will do that)

Maybe you want to automatically trade or you just want to switch something on and forget about it just checking in every few weeks to see what the situation is?

You can do that also.

There’s a guy that I’ve known for a long time now who is absolutely the best race reader and form analyser I have ever met.

This guy is amazing, he can watch a race and call a winner long before the 1.01 er’s have it nailed on Betfair.

And the races that he analyses are absolutely ripped apart and every angle examined and he can find winners that he is certain about at 20’s and 33’s.

But even with all that skill and understanding of the game and the players and the animals he can still only scrape enough to live on.

And some months, not even that.

And it’s not that he doesn’t bet big enough. No that’s part of the problem.


That’s the problem he’s too bloody emotional.

He bets in cycles. Not by design you understand. That’s just the way it pans out.

You can play this loop from any start position.

His minimum stake is £100, because anything less is not worth bothering with. And there’s the first clue to the problem. For him, if there’s no buzz, no risk then no point betting.

So he start’s off at his minimum stake. And like I said he’s good. Nobody wins every race and he knows that. And he loses some. But he also hits some good winners and he’s making good profits.

He’s good and he knows it. ‘No point messing with 100’s, I know I’m good I can do this, this next ones a certainty I need to have £500 on’

£500’s the bet now and pretty soon it’s £1,000!

The crash usually comes around £4,000 and after 3 or 4 weeks.

He’s getting on a bit now and just doesnt have time to get rich slowly. He’s the best there is and he needs to make his money now.

But even the best have losing runs and even when there’s £15,000 sitting in your Betfair account at £4k a pop you can only take 3 and a bit losers before you’re wiped out.

Anybody. And I mean the best there ever was. Can have a losing run of 4!

So now his account is at less than a grand.

The cycle starts over and if he and his family are lucky he will have pulled a grand out at the peak.  So there’s food in the cupboard.

So that was a bit of a long way of explaining  I use horse racing software and automated solutions.

They say you need to learn lessons for yourself.

From experience.

And I know myself that the lessons learned the hard way stick with you.

But its a damn sight cheaper if you can learn from others. Especially in this game.

So wherever possible I remove the human element from my betting. And unless you are part robot I recommend that you do too.

There are of course a lot of other reasons that you might want to automate your betting.

Maybe you are out at work all day and don’t have time to find bets or place them.

Maybe you like to create systems and methods but dont like the actual day to day operation.

Maybe you have money in the bank, earning nothing and want to do better than a couple of lousy percent each year.

But for me the number one reason is emotion and consistency.

A machine does what it is programmed to do day after day, consistently.

It doesnt feel lucky some days.

Next  I was going to tell you what you can automate. But pretty much the answer is anything.

If you have enough money!

So I think the best way to approach this is totalk about the solutions and what they are capable of.

1. Off the shelf ready made bots.

There are a few out there some good some bad. Pretty much they fall into two camps.

They either bet a system, that is programmed into the bot. And some of the systems are very simple!


They bet selections that are downloaded from the creators server. These might be from ratings or a system that is operated manually by the vendor.

There might not be much flexibility with these types of products and often they operate a recovery type staking plan.

If you want to find out about ready made solutions try these sites

Laying Odds On Favourites

IE Software

KIP Betting Bot (I use this)

2. Tools that operate your systems.

If you have a system that selects on market position or weight of money or some factor that can be determined from Betfair then these tools can operate that system for you.

The only one I can recommend is
Grey Horse Bot

3. Bet Schedulers

If you just want something to place your bets for you close to the off time. Then for horse racing I would just use the Betfair SP feature.

For other markets there are tools that will dothis.

Take a look at.

Bet Scheduler

Greyhorse Bot

4. Custom solutions

If you need something a little more complex, that doesnt fit into the above categories then thereare a couple of tools that have a programming interface that you can use to create custom solutions.

Basically these are trading tools with features like one click betting and greening etc.

But they have the ability to connect to an Excel spreadsheet. Which through macros and VBA programming can control the bet selection and staking etc.

The two tools I can recommend are

Betting Assistant

Bet Angel

5. The final option is to create your own software

Or more likely have it created for you.

If there is info available on the net then you can probably have a tool built that will extract that info and make decisions based on that.

Extracting data from the Racing Post site is problematic, but there are data providers that can supply the standard form data to you. (Expensive)

Or you could buy access from somebody who already has it (try Betwise)

To get a bot created, the first thing to do is to spec it up well. Because anything missed at the beginning will cost you dear at the end.

To find a programmer go to


If you would like a free copy of the Bet Scheduler software (retail £25) then click the Facebook like button below. The first 25 people that like this post will get a free copy of Bet Scheduler with a lifetime licence.  (send us an email support(at) so we know where to send the download details)

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