How to Rate a Race

Rating a race is one of the essential skills needed in our constant battle with the bookmaker. There are probably as many ways of rating a race as there are punters, ranging from good old gut feeling, sticking a needle in the paper, to elaborate and sophisticated mathematical formulas that Einstein would be proud of!

You could of course use one of the many professional rating services out there, or your daily newspaper, or the Racing Post or even the excellent Adrian Massey ratings available free on his website: If, like me though, you’d prefer a more hands on approach and the thrill of winning when you get it right you could try something along the lines of the rating system I’ve set out below.

I’m not saying this is the only way to rate a race but it is a pretty solid approach and should help you to narrow down your selections for any race that you are interested in.

1 Rating Recent Form

Award points for the last three runs as follows:

FIRST 9 6 3
SECOND 6 4 2
THIRD 3 2 1


Horse A’s last three runs are 113 which is 3+6+3 = 12
Horse B’s last three runs are 212 which is 2+6+6 = 14
Horse C’s last three runs are 001 which is 0+0+9 + 9

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