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How to Win at Horse Racing

The subject may be misleading, because this not so much a how to win at horse racing.

More an example of the types of systems, methods, profiles etc that you will need to build up, to make it pay.

And it’s not the only way but it’s straightforward, it works and it’s achievable by anyone.


So let’s get into some meat and take a look at the type of approach that will turn your horse racing betting into a profitable

What we recommend is that you have a collection of key pointers(Micro Systems, Stats whatever you want to call them) and you use
these to either…

Find selections to back or lay blindly.


You use them to find a shortlist of selections for further study.

Either way can make you good profit.

These systems don’t take long to find the selections for and we do the work for our members on some of the key ones we use.

The methods that we will be sharing over the next few days are extracted from articles written for our members by our expert

Before I go on let me have a little rant!

=== Rant ===

I’ve just mentioned our members club twice in the last two paragraphs and I know that for some (probably not you, it’s them others) the cynic
radar has just been alerted.

“He’s just trying to sell us something”

Fact 1. Yes I’m hoping that some readers will realise that we know what we are talking about and that we can help you to achieve
your goals.

We can’t do what we do without members to pay the bills!

Fact 2. You do not need to join us to succeed. That’s not Success Factor number 1!

Fact 3. If you email me in 12 months time and say “I followed the advice you gave in those 8 lessons last year and I applied
it and now I’m making £1500 per month from my betting…”

Whether you joined us or not, I will be made up, over the moon and pleased that we can add one more success to our tally.

The stuff I’m sharing in these mails can make a big difference to those that absorb it and apply it.

Please don’t ruin it for yourself by fretting about having to buy something. You don’t have to!

=== Rant Over===

One of the linchpins of our horse racing team who writes for us every month is the very experienced horse racing pro-punter, Mark

Mark’s overall approach is based on an in depth statistical study of the habits and traits of the trainers, many of whom follow a
similar pattern year after year.

These methods have proven to be a consistent source of numerous good priced winners and placed horses over the course of the

For that reason, Mark contributes an article each month highlighting the 5 key trainers to follow in the coming weeks and
specifically which type of horse or race that has proved to be the best performing amongst their runners.

In addition to the above profitable technique this type of research can help develop angles and strategies that can lead to a portfolio
of Micro Methods.

Take for example the popular national hunt trainer Nigel Twiston-Davies.

During his relatively short career to date he has saddled the winner of the Aintree Grand National, the Scottish equivalent and
even a Cheltenham Gold Cup.

However despite these successes you would have made a £285 loss backing his runners to £1 level stakes during the last 5 years.

A while ago within the Insiders Club we started to notice aparticular trait that had seemed to have passed the majority of
pundits and punters by, that was his record with his charges that for whatever reason had pulled-up on their last outing.

To most of us seeing a “P” as the last entry in the form figures would be a big no-no.

Add to that the fact that the horse in question may well have been off the track for some time too and you can see why these horses
may be allowed to go off at value prices.

The majority of form book guides place a big emphasis on solid recent form so a layoff after a pulled-up run would readily be over

But the surprising fact is that following the Twiston-Davies runners of this type would have produced a very healthy profit
during the last 5 year period:-

Last 5 years – Chases and Hurdles.
34 wins from 260 runners (13%)
+66.51 to Betfair SP
+21.68 to Industry SP

Chasers have a slightly better record than hurdlers.

13.7% SR (26/167) +17.85 to SP (+46.55 to Betfair SP)

Now that might not seem like a lot of profit to you, but the fact is when you have a collection of angles like this one they soon add
up to a decent monthly profit!

The profits from this particular winning angle can be doubled by adding a simple rule that constantly filters out the bad value bets.

See if you can guess what it is (in the comments) if you work it out or just guess correctly I’ll send a prize to the first to get
it. If nobody gets it I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Ok that’s all for today.

Do leave us a comment.

Darren & Steve

PS If Swansea are playing Chelsea at home and the half time score is 1:0 what bet do you make next?

10 thoughts on “How to Win at Horse Racing”

  1. Regarding the Swansea vs chelsea game
    if swansea are winning 1-0 at half time 75% of football teams winning at half time go on to win therefore if swansea are 1.32 or more you should back them to win as you are getting value 🙂

    Hope this helps


  2. Since you were discussing why Trainers are an important in winning then the other factor must be the Jockey. Perhaps the Trainer/Jockey combination is the simple rule.

    Given that it is Chelsea, the bet would be Chelsea to score next.

    regards Ian.

  3. Hi,
    On the football the next bet i make would be to lay swansea,however i did this saturday when chelsea played Everton and came a croper.
    On the horse front i would think the filter is price.

  4. Hi, I would like to no the stats on trainers record on pulled up horses next run, there must be other trainers bar twisten worth following,not blind,market worth watching toro

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