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How to Win at Tennis Betting

With the advent of the betting exchanges and in particular
Betfair there has been a massive increase in the amount
of money invested on tennis matches.

This is not just confined to who will win the tournament
but also on individual matches and within those there are
numerous sub markets such as set and next game betting.

The vast majority of the events from both the men’s and
ladies tours are covered with in-play markets and thus
provide profit opportunities to those who follow this fast
paced sport.

The tennis event calendar runs pretty much throughout
the year and January features the first Grand Slam, the
Australian Open.

With this in mind we commissioned a very knowledgeable
and experienced tennis bettor, David Renham, to write a
series of articles which would guide our members on a
journey from the basics such as match betting, all the
way through to in-play trading angles.

The following is just one snippet from that insightful
series that could provide you with a simple and profitable
tennis betting strategy from the ladies tour. The ladies
(WTA) tour is ideal for trading in-play as prices tend to
fluctuate much more compared to the men’s matches as
there are more breaks of serve.

Second Set Wobbles

The idea for this method was simple – to find women who
have a poor record in terms of winning the second set after
having won the first.

The research data was based on 2009 onwards as for individual
women stats experience has taught us that the more current
the data, the more accurate.

Below are listed regular tour players whose percentage for
winning the second set, having won the first, is under 60% –
this equates to the match going to 3 sets more than 40% of
the time:

Player Next set when win 1st set
King V. 59.5%
Peng S. 59.0%
Voracova R. 58.3%
Czink M. 58.1%
Pous-Tio L. 57.9%
Voskoboeva G. 57.9%
Mirza S. 56.7%
Martic P. 56.5%
Zakopalova K. 55.8%
Radwanska U. 53.6%
Lucic M. 53.3%
Llagostera Vives N. 52.6%
Arvidsson S. 52.2%
Dominguez Lino L. 50%
Scheepers C. 50%
Johansson M. 47.4%
Lepchenko V. 45.5%
Molik A. 45.5%
These 18 players are definitely worth laying in play if they
win the first set, with a view to trading back at the end of
the second set. Let’s take a look at an example that
occurred as the original article was being compiled.

Petra Martic, who is one of those 18 listed above, lost
the second set of her match against Jie Zheng having
won the first.

For the record she traded at 1.25 at the end of the first
set so the risk in laying her was minimal
(£25 based on a £100 lay bet).

Having then lost the second set her price drifted out
to 2.12 allowing for an all-green trading opportunity
by placing a back bet of £59 to generate a guaranteed
profit of around £40 before commission.

This is a trading strategy rather than an outright betting
situation, but an easy one to use and more importantly
it is profitable.

Judging by the comments we have had most readers
are interested in Horse Racing.

And that makes sense, with so many opportunities

But these days there is huge money bet on other sports
and once you make progress with horse racing we would
recommend that you broaden your opportunities with
other betting opportunities.

If you can find a betting sport that you enjoy watching
then all the better.

If you would like to comment then please do so below.

Together we can win

Darren & Steve

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