Master Mind Groups

For many betting is a solo activity, it’s their own brain against the
enemy, which these days is not just the bookmaker but also their
fellow bettor.

And in the main my preference is to work alone without distractions
when I’m formulating my selections and when I’m placing bets.

But there is a third activity that we all need to do in order to keep
ahead of the game. That is the devising of new strategies.

This too can be done solo but when there are others to bounce
ideas off of invariably some new angles emerge from the discussions.

Here at the Betting Insiders Club we positively embrace this sharing
mentality with an area where our team of industry respected authors
are encouraged to exchange ideas and strategies with the rest of the
membership and visa versa.

This is not a place full of people yapping just for the sake of it. But
instead a place where ideas are tested critiqued and invariably added
to. And together we win.

A recent example occurred with the selections from Chris Wigg’s
Easy Lay Method.

Chris had been proofing the selections, to all our members, from a
more selective version of the Easy Lay Method (which he called
ELM Elite).

The trial produced very impressive profits during the 3 months of
+144.91 points based on Betfair SP and after allowing for 5%
commission deductions.

What was more impressive was that the feedback from a number of
members placing live bets on the selections allowed Chris to get a
better feeling for how it was working for users and how he could
improve the method to make it better for all.

As a direct result of the member interaction Chris has been able to
further improve his method and has agreed to provide the
subsequent “Elite” daily selections to the members as part of the
club benefits package.

Todays message is simply that we urge you to find some like minded
soles who you can share and discuss ideas with.

Invariably others will come up with an angle that you had not considered.
And you can provide similar feedback on their own research.

And together you can create better systems and methods
together for the benefit of you all.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you what we consider to be the number
one success factor along with the reasons that we believe that to be
so. And of course some supporting examples.

I’ll also tell you how you can continue your journey with the Betting
Insiders Club with a very offer.

But for today I’d like to thank you for all the comments
that have been made. They make very interesting reading. (And I
recommend that you go and read all the comments yourself)

I’ll also be double checking the comments to see if we got any
correct answers to our teasers along the way.

Together we can win

Darren & Steve

PS The number one success factor tomorrow

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