Michael Wilding Puntology Interview

Use the play button below to listen to an interview that I conducted with Michael Wilding who is the author of the Puntology horse racing betting course

Michael Wilding Interview

4 Comments on “Michael Wilding Puntology Interview”

  1. Cheers Guys

    Excellent video,I think i can really take a lot from this.
    I have been using this for a few days but for some reasons i was expecting to win on every Race!! But im going to take another approach with the excellent advice given,so thanks a lot guys



  2. it is often said if the race was rerun etc a different result could happen. so such is my outlook towards the bookmakers 49,s lottery numbers which of course are rerun twice daily. so work on such and see what happens . rather than second guessing with regards to horses and greyhounds and football games etc ., which may be in or out of form etc etc . i.e numbers are known to repeat via a roulette wheel live or otherwise , and that is the only clue i will give.

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