Race Ratings

Some of the most successful bettors I know credit their success to the use of ratings. Mostly they create their own ratings but they all started out using the ratings from their daily newspaper.

Some started out with the Racing Post but many used the ratings from The Sun or The Mail or another daily newspaper.

The secret to success with ratings is to convert them into a chance for each horse this will be a percentage chance of each horse winning the race and these chances when all added together should of course equal 100%. Because one of the horses in the race will definitely be the winner.
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Secret to Betting Success

If you want to be successful with your betting (and in life generally) you need to make some sort of investment.

That investment might be time or it might be money, but if you want to be super successful you do have to invest in that success. When you stop believing you are going to find a magic pill that will make you instantly rich then you will start on the road to success.

As an example I was talking to a very successful gambler the other day and we got to talking about betting the greyhounds, which I used to do full time in the days before betfair.
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Laying Longshots

I hear from a lot of people who lay big outsiders in the Betfair horse racing markets at ridiculous prices. They tell me how they never win and that it’s easy money. Generally these gamblers think that the outcome is so unlikely that they are prepared to risk a large proportion of their betting bank on each bet.

After the initial bullishness usually one of two things happen.

They either disappear to never be heard from again or the ones that are more committed come back to tell me how they learned their lesson.
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Flawed Genius

For most of my adult life I have been in regular contact with a man that I consider to be a betting genius. That is except he has one fatal flaw and that is what I want to talk about today.

This man could watch a horse race and know if it was giving 100%, know if the jockey was using it’s full capability and could assess how good it really was.

He can analyse a race inside out and find nailed on winners at crazy prizes, this is a man who can find winners at 33/1 without the benefit of inside knowledge!

The flaw though is one of confidence, reality and pressure. Which all boil down to psychology.
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Laying to Profit

You’ll read no end of sales letters for wonder laying systems online (and ones you receive in the post) that will tell you that laying horses to lose is a guaranteed way to easy profit.

Laying is a great way to make money and an opportunity we didn’t have in the hard days of my betting youth but that doesn’t mean that it is easy and that you don’t have to be careful.

I don’t want to put you off of laying as a betting method but in this article I want to just point out some facts that you need to keep in mind when planning your laying strategy.
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