The Portfolio – A Profitable Approach

The Weekend Bulletin (Sat 12th August’17)
Here at the Betting Insiders Club we are big advocates of utilising a Portfolio approach to provide a cushion to the inevitable ups and downs that come with punting on horse racing and sports whilst at the same time making best use of the betting bank.

The flagship Club activity is of course Nick Hardman’s Big Race Coverage which has seen solid and consistent profits for 2 ½+ years now. The number of times he has nailed the winner of a 20+ runner seemingly unfathomable top class handicap using his Big Race methods is amazing and you can find out how he does it in this interesting video.

Alongside Nick’s horse racing selections we encourage members to develop their own Portfolio to suit their individual style of punting. Some are happy to sit back and watch the big races on a weekend and during the mid-week festivals such as Glorious Goodwood with their sheckles invested on Nick’s selections. Others also enjoy a punt on the lower class of races or even other sports such as football and tennis and that is where the Insiders Club can help.

The Club has a friendly and vibrant community/forum where members can share their thoughts and methods amongst like-minded individuals who see the benefit of pooling resources for the benefit of all. Just a couple of examples of this is member Brian’s “Tough on Top” trial which had this posted on it a few days back “I am 40 points up with a SR of over 20% so not too shabby so as they say on the islands …… Don’t worry – BE HAPPY” and Jon Gibby’s (Raceform books) Speed Ratings “+59pts from 84 bets, Get in there! Top notch my man, well done”.

We also trial a number of angles/strategies that are published in the monthly members Reports and the combination of the community threads provides a daily shortlist of potential bets from proven and consistent sources. We do not suggest backing them all blindly but they are a reliable source of winners which, with a little filtering, can be a useful addition to developing your own individual Portfolio approach.

Going one step further the database of strategies provide an excellent source of materials to develop your own approach to trading on the exchanges via back to lays on horse racing, in-play football trading and also comprehensive coverage of risk free arbitrage trading where you can take advantage of the myriad of bookmaker offers using well explained methods. These are an excellent way of building an initial bank or topping it up along the way.

In summary the Insiders Club provides a whole lot more than just a receive email selections, back them, and hope for profits type set up. No doubt many of you have been down this route and how has it worked out for you so far? Of course there are some profitable tipster services out there, in fact we have a team of product testers that run live trials on a whole raft of them and they do find the odd gem along with many that do not deliver on their hype or promises of easy profits.

If your current punting activities are not delivering the level of returns that you would aspire to then now could be the perfect time to make a positive change and check out the comprehensive package available from the Betting Insiders Club.

To change things around a little today we will be sharing a few qualifiers from a micro method that has been doing particularly well in a live trial on the Insiders Club forum.

Sat 12th August’17

D Tudhope/15:00 Hayd – Fingals Cave – 7/1 EW Gen

D Tudhope/16:05 Hayd – Fire Brigade – 11/8 Gen

J Spencer/14:50 Ascot – Basil Berry – 16/1 EW Gen

Together We Can Win
Darren & Steve

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Today’s Selection

Brighton 15:40 Bedouin – win bet 4/1 10bet