Partners in Profit Review (Flat Racing Version)

Results from the Testing Team’s review of Partners In Profit (Flat version)

10th June 2012:
I have only been following this system since May 19th and it is currently showing a small profit of 0.80pts at Betfair SP after commission. It costs £67+ VAT and is another of the many systems on the market concentrating on Trainers, Jockeys, Courses, Owners etc and any combination thereof. With the advent of databases and system builders these types of systems are pulled up by searching various combinations and then filtering them until a profit ensues. I am not a great fan of this type of system personally and haven’t tested one yet which has proven profitable in the long term. The vendors’ site is currently showing official results up to the 12th May and from 1st May to the 12th is 14.76pts down. Additionally there is more recent info on the blog section of their site. I will continue testing and report back next month.

Update: 10th July 2012
It has been a roller coaster ride with this system this month. The end result is a profit of 7.87 points with 19 winners from 119 bets. The system has been as high as 20 points up, and as low as 16 points down, with losing runs during the month of 15 and 12. These type of systems rely very heavily on finding a few big priced winners, and whether it’s for you depends greatly on your betting mentality.

If you can cope with the inevitable losing runs without losing confidence so that when a big winner comes you haven’t reduced your stakes or started second guessing and think that the big priced selection has no chance, then maybe this system will make money. Personally I prefer a 25-30% win ratio, but then I am fairly cautious. I will continue to monitor this system for one more month.

Update: 10th August 2012
Partners In Profit has once again been volatile during the latest period, resulting in a loss for July of 17.52 points and an overall loss since 21st May of 9.45 points. In the 10 weeks of testing this system there have been 42 winners from 266 bets, a win ratio of only 15.79%. Last month saw losing runs of 12, 13 and a staggering 30. There will be big priced winners, but IMHO few punters will have the metal to withstand losing runs of 30 and as a result I cannot recommend this approach to anyone.

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