Place Bet Pro Review

May 2012:
Rod is currently away on a well earned holiday break but just prior to leaving he kindly sent us a quick update of a new product trial that he has undertaken on Place Bet Pro.

Obviously very early days but from the 5th-20th April I am just under 5pts up on singles & 3pts up on the doubles/trebles. My initial thoughts are that this could be a relatively low risk addition to a portfolio of approaches. There have been 37/47 successful places & 3/4 doubles & 1/1 treble. The main problem is that as the system is both price (lower & upper) and field size dependant, unless you are available just before the off no two people will have the same results. I finalise my selections around 1.00pm and around 1/3rd would not have qualified at the off due to price movements or NR’s. The doubles/trebles which are supposedly the icing on the cake are off course totally subjective to the individual. Nevertheless I feel it has the potential to make slow steady profits and I will continue with this on my return.

Update: 10th June 2012
As I mentioned in last month’s report this is a difficult system to evaluate because the various price and field size rules mean that only by placing your bet just at the off would everyone have the same qualifiers. This is clearly not possible for many working people, but a profit can be made by evaluating qualifiers and placing your bets earlier. By placing my own bets around lunch time I have made 83/105 successful bets with an after commission profit of 8.83 pts. This is a very low risk system and I would imagine could net you around 5pts per month profit and would fit nicely into a portfolio of systems. Finally I have also noticed that by avoiding qualifiers that have not previously seen a racecourse would have eliminated 7 losers and enhanced the profits

Update: 10th July 2012
With the heavy rain leading to numerous non-runners has meant that it has been more difficult than ever to monitor this system with its dependence on prices and the number of runners. The end result has been a loss on the month of 3.56 points with 48/71 successful bets. A profit of just over 5 points from 176 bets in two months will not appeal to many and given that you are effectively backing at prices around 1/3 – 1/2 the effort is probably not worth the reward. I think it likely that this system will generate small profits over time with very little downside, and might be of interest to those who like an involvement each day.

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