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Nick Hardman is an integral part of the team here at the Insiders Club so who better to enlist for an update on how the flagship Club Portfolio tips (Big Race Coverage) performed as we end another very successful annual campaign. Over to Nick….

CLUB PORTFOLIO – Big Race Analysis 2016 Review
Well folks we made it through to the end of the year and what a year it’s been. I have taken time to reflect on the last 12 months and post my thoughts here.

We doubled our points tally from 2015 from 403.75 to 851.53. So, what did we do differently? Quite simply more bets (1366 vs 871) and a higher ROI (31% v 23%). Our ROI improved some 8% on 2015 and we had 79 winners at odds of 10/1 or bigger and 103 winners at odds under 10/1. The strike rate for win (13%) and win/place (23%) roughly stayed the same as 2015. For those of you, like me, who enjoy the thrill of a big priced winner we had 24 do the business at 16/1 or bigger odds and 13 who obliged at odds of 20/1 or higher.

Here are some of the highlights in 2016:

Sunday racing

Sunday is meant to be the day of rest but this became one of our cornerstones for 2016 Our record was 303 bets, 42 winners (14% strike rate), 75 win or place (25% strike rate), profit +185.60pts, ROI 31%. This matches our overall 2016 performance in terms of ROI and win and place strike rate.

Irish racing
In 2016 we expanded to cover quite a few Irish races. Our tally in Ireland was 242 bets, 35 winners (14% strike rate), 65 win and place (26% strike rate), profit +237.58pts, ROI 47%. That ROI is much higher than our overall for the year which suggests we keep Ireland in our plans for 2017.

International racing
Probably the highlight for me this year. We took in France, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, the American classics and the Breeders Cup. The performance was 57 bets, 11 winners (19% strike rate), 18 win and place (32% strike rate), 148.50pts profit, ROI 130%.

Royal Ascot
Always a toughie but we smashed it this year when quite a few other tipsters, services and the pros from the racing industry struggled. We ended up 97.25pts to the good at the advised prices over the 5 days and we landed 12 winners.

Glorious Goodwood
A personal highlight for me as I have never made a profit at this meeting before. At the advised prices we bagged 85.75pts with 11 winners and a further 9 landed the place spoils.
These results were amplified as we were covering Galway at the same time where we hit 7 winners and 3 placers for another 81.30pts profit, including Lord Scoundrel @33/1 in the Galway Plate. Over the course of 7 days these two festivals combined for 167pts which made it a week to remember in many ways.

Bet of the year
Best bet of the year has to be Rogue Angel @40/1 in the Irish Grand National. He got backed off the boards into an SP of 16/1. Luckily for us there was plenty of 40/1 and 33/1 the night before. We don’t land these very often but it’s a fantastic feeling when we do. A close second had to be Lord Scoundrel @33/1 in the Galway Plate. If ever there was some value spotting that I got right (and let’s face it I am wrong more often than I am right!), it was this horse. Again, he was backed off the boards (SP 10/1) so we were all on at a value price.

Geegeez live trial
Another highlight was a cracking review over at Geegeez. It is added pressure (which is not a bad thing) to know you are undergoing a live trial at one of the UKs most popular and well respected racing sites. We currently stand top of the all-time leader board after the 60 day trial! Thanks to Chris for doing the review.

So on to 2017. I do need to state first and foremost that we all manage our expectations, including myself. 2016 was better than I expected. Not one losing month in 12. However, that does not mean we can exceed that in 2017. It’s a new year and a new start. As always, we reset to zero and past exploits will count for nothing. I never set targets other than to achieve a 15 – 20% ROI. In my book this is acceptable and achievable with the right mindset. We bettered this in 2016 (+30% ROI) but anything around 20% will do me and that’s my goal for 2017.

Together we can prosper

Darren and Steve

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