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Hello and welcome to the latest Betting Insiders Club news update.

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Hard to believe that over a year has passed since we switched the Members Reports to the new weekly format. It has provided a great opportunity to make the content timelier as we can focus on the big sporting events closer to when they are taking place.

Most weeks we will include the Big Race Trends feature from one of the quality horse races due to be run on the Saturday. In essence the object will be to hone in what it has taken to win these races in previous runnings, so we can try and develop a “winner’s profile”.

Of course the racing arena is constantly changing and the BHA is quite pro-active where they can see a potential benefit by tweaking the entry conditions of individual races. Notwithstanding that, the past winners can often provide solid clues to the type of horse it takes to win with.

Come raceday we apply the “winner’s profile” to the confirmed runners and post up on a dedicated thread in the Club forum/community the resultant selections that best fit the criteria.

So far in 2020 these have produced slightly in excess of 20pts profit to suggested stakes and readily available prices. The highlights have included

Classic Chase – Petite Power (adv EW) – 3rd 12/1

Peter Marsh Chase – Vintage Clouds (adv Win 8/1) – Won 7/1

Scottish County Hurdle – Sebastopol (adv Win 11/2) – Won 9/2

The Members Report also includes an anti-post feature from experienced horse racing pundit Alex Peperell and for January Alex looked ahead to the 2020 Cheltenham Festival, so we will report back on that at the end of March.

In previous months Alex has given the readers the heads up on some cracking winners; often well ahead of time, and at juicy prices to boot. Of course they don’t all win and in fact some don’t even make it to the race which is the tradeoff for betting in advance.

Earlier we mentioned the Club forum/community and this is an important aspect of the membership package as most days there will be a shortlist of selections to consider across a variety of sports such as horse racing, golf and football.

Of course we don’t expect all of these to be backed blindly, but for those that either are a little pushed for time, or maybe wish to develop a portfolio approach, it does provide a great time saving way to hone in on selections that have decent chances of success.

One regular thread is hosted by Pro-Punter John Burke who uses a statistical based approach to pick out a select few Stat Pointers most days. These are generally centred on horse racing trainers’ habits and most days John will nominate what he considers the best bet from those detailed.

January proved to be a challenging month for the Stat Pointers but no real harm done with just a small loss of 5pts to advised stakes etc. On a positive February has started brightly with +15pts already banked after a few days!

Over on the friendly forum we encourage a community spirit and as a result a number of the Members are happy to share their ideas for the benefit of us all. One such example is Kieran’s National Hunt Recoup Method. Basically it focusses on horses that went off as the favourite last time out but didn’t manage to win. Kieran has researched the past records with these types and has been sharing the selections for a number of months on a forum thread.

The early months of the new jumps campaign proper (Oct-Dec19) proved to be tricky for the Recoup selections but boy did January make up for it in droves….Kieran records the results to Betfair SP, which is great news for those of us with bookmaker restrictions. After allowing for commission (now 2%) +70pts profit was achieved from simple 1pt stakes.

Certainly not the last, but definitely a positive Member benefit, is the Guest Pro-Tipster slot whereby we invite well known and respected top tipping services to share their selections for a whole month. This serves two purposes, one is that it obviously provides our members with extra value tips each month, and the second is that it helps members to discover new services to add to their portfolios.

In January the guest tipster was Russell Blair Racing, and this is a service with a long history of profit and it didn’t let us down with January producing 20 points or profit at a 39% Return on Investment.

All in all the Betting Insiders Club is the perfect resource for the punter who wants to win and to spread their risk.

For many it is one service that meets all their betting needs for those with bigger fish to fry (bigger banks to turnover), it is a base that can provide a large part of their portfolio profit.

Together we can prosper

Steve & Darren

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