Secret to Betting Success

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If you want to be successful with your betting (and in life generally) you need to make some sort of investment.

That investment might be time or it might be money, but if you want to be super successful you do have to invest in that success. When you stop believing you are going to find a magic pill that will make you instantly rich then you will start on the road to success.

As an example I was talking to a very successful gambler the other day and we got to talking about betting the greyhounds, which I used to do full time in the days before betfair.

It turns out that my method then is still being used by this same guy. Basically what I would do is to buy the videos of every race run, which I think was £10 per meeting at that time. I would then spend hours studying those videos looking for dogs that lost time in running and then with that data calculate an expected time for every dog should it get a clear run. Now I’m obviosly making this sound much simpler than it is because there is also a lot of analysis of where a dog will run from a given trap and how that will effect other runners and endless records to be kept on the past performance of each dog.

But the point is that I invested time and money and because so few others did this I had an advantage and even when fighting against bookmaker overrounds of 130% + I could still make a living.

Now in this age of the betting exchange where we bet against the judgement of our fellow gamblers you just have to be better than the other guy. And with 1 and 2% overrounds you only need a small advantage to make it pay!