Sprint Lay Expert Review

Review updates of the Sprint Lay Expert from the Testing Team

10th June 2012:
I have been following this Chris Castell’s revised laying system since the first of May. The rules involve sifting the day’s runners through 7 filters in order to find the selections. He also provides a staking plan which is designed to gradually recoup losses with little extra risk but make the most of winning runs. It’s claimed that using the system together with the staking plan would have at least doubled and on average trebled a starting bank of £1,000 with an initial stake of £30.

The system runs from 1st April to 30th October and covers UK flat racing, both turf & AW. You can see all the details on the website www.sprintlayexpert.com and the system is priced at £79 which includes the first month’s selections and for an additional £60 you will get them until the end of the season. There is a password protected webpage showing the day’s selections which have passed 4 of the filters and leaves you to sieve the going, number of runners and Betfair odds.

Although I had missed the first month it only gave 2 selections which were both successful lays so I hadn’t lost out on much. May was much busier with 18 selections resulting in 7 unsuccessful lays and 11 successful. £30 level stakes gave a profit of £23.40 whereas the bespoke staking plan produced a profit of £25.24, both results after deducting Betfair’s 5% commission

Update: 10th July 2012
Sprint Lay Expert had a poor June. There were only lays on 8 days with just 10 qualifying selections. Of these there was a run of 4 consecutive firsts (losing lays) at odds between 2.24 and 5.93. The other 6 qualifiers obligingly lost their races. Using level £30 stakes from the suggested starting bank of £1,000 turned in a loss of £140.70.

So, after last month’s small gain, the bank now stands at £882.70. However, if you had used the system’s calculator it would have resulted in a loss of £191.63 so the starting bank of £1,000 now stands at £833.61. Betfair commission of 5% was deducted from the six winning bets.

Update: 10th August 2012
Before I report on this month’s performance I must correct June’s figures. I had somehow missed 3 lay bets – two had been successful whereas the other was not and at Betfair odds of 4.14 it further dented the £1,000 starting bank. This now stood at £788.50 using level £30 stakes or if using the system’s calculator at £726.86. Unfortunately July has not shown a recovery – up to the 30th there have been 11 qualifiers, 7 were successful but the other 4 layed horses won their races at Betfair odds between 1.81 and 5.57. Amazingly, there now is less than a £’s difference between the level stakes and calculator banks which average at £712.40. If there is no significant improvement during August then I think we’ll move on.

Update: 10th September 2012
I have been following Chris Castell’s system for four months since 1st May using both the suggested recovery staking plan and level stakes. Each showed a small profit of less than one point at the end of the first month but I’m afraid it’s been downhill all the way from then on. At the last report both staking methods were down an almost equal amount with the £1,000 starting banks standing at £712.40. However by the middle of August the escalating stakes of the recovery plan and further losing lays prompted Chris to announce that it was probably best to adopt a change of tactic: either call it a day and cut the losses and stop at the remaining £233.18 bank; continue and hope for a recovery or reset the staking plan to the remaining bank. Unfortunately the recovery hoped for did not happen and anyone continuing with this plan would have quickly run out of funds. There were 23 bets between the 31st July and 31st August, 12 were successful with average odds of 3.17 and 11 lost money at average odds of 3.21, a strike rate of 52.17%. With more than twice going out than there was coming in the £30 level stake bank was well down but it did survive until the end of the trial to finish at £326.60.

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