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Top Ten Professional Horse Racing Gamblers (UK Horse Racing)

This list was originally published in January 2010, last update was January 2020, let is know in the comments if you think anyone should be added.

Phil Bull

Phil Bull made a massive amount of money from betting, but not only was he a successful gambler he was also a breeder, owner, writer and publisher. It is estimated he made millions during his career.

In 1948 he launched the now internationally renowned organisation Timeform.

Phil had a shrewd attitude towards betting. He looked at the season as a whole and his form study was the same for every race.

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Horse Racing Software

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Horse Racing Software

What do you think Alex Bird or Phil Bull would say if they were with us now?

I think they’d be pretty damn excited and would think that they’d died and gone to heaven. (which I guess is what happened)

In their day if you could make 1% return on the monies that you had invested (Turnover) thenyou had a business.

Fact is you can get an automated solution off the shelf that will make you over 10% Return on Investment (ROI)

In this article s I’m going to tell you what I know about horse racing software and show you where to go for further research.
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