Ten Tips for In Play Trading Part 2

6. Try to catch these blips for in running trading opportunities, by using a tool like Betfair Assistant or Bet Angel to Back prominent horses when they jump up in price. Practice with small stakes and lay it off again once matched for a free bet.

7. Make use of the software tools available to take action quicker when the situation is right.

8. Often a short priced (odds on) favourite will drift out to a big price as a result of a minor blunder or just because it’s not prominent. Take advantage of these big prices. Just today I watched a 1.57 shot drift out to 2.9 and go onto win. If you could back every 1.57 shot at 2.9 you would soon be in front.

9. If you can lay two horses in a race at odds of less than 2.0 then you are guaranteed a profit. Favourites often change in running and often more than one horse will trade at less than 2.0 in the same race. In fact often more than one horse will trade at less than 1.5

10. Finally like our big player in item 4 laying all available money on a horse there will also be backers who have decided that the time is right to back their selection at any price. This will cause big dips in prices that instantly recover as the layers pump more money into the market. If you can react quickly or if your money is already waiting in the laying queue to be matched you can close out a profitable trade as the price rebounds back to where it should be

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