The 1% Challenge

Was it really all those days ago when I last posted up about the Challenge?? Crikey!

Well, I can safely say that I am still heading in the right direction :-), though not without the odd blip here and there.

I laid off the gambling for the challenge for just under a week mainly because I just knew that if I carried on blindly I’d hit a discipline problem and greed could well take over. So I started again on 28th September with the old faithful casino and well and truly lost! :-(, and the next day too! Now that came as a bit of a shock to the system after all the positives. Fortunately the Notebook Runners has been a staple to the challenge in a small stakes way and that with a combination of recent “plays” in the Casino has bought me back from the depths of despair.

The KIP Bot for me is still a “work in progress”, in particular because I am running it at level stakes, and I am hoping that this month which will be the first “full” uninterrupted month (she says hopefully), will, I hope bring home the bacon.

So where exactly am I, well I am still well ahead of the Target, but I can’t let that make me complacent.

Target Fund at the End of the Day (2nd Oct 2011) – 460.84€

Actual Fund at the End of the Day                              – 1327.44€


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